Monday, September 21, 2009

Stage J

On Friday the Mr. and I were both off so Jay took a half day so we could do some finishing touches in his home. As you know, my dad has been working for about a year remodeling my grandmother's home that has become Jay's home. The truly hard work is completed and the transformation is astounding. I swear that the kitchen is bigger than it used to be, by a few feet! I'm sure of it!
Beige walls are sage green, original cabinets replaced with cherry. Refinished floors and all with that hard to describe warmth that comes of love. In short, Jay is living in one of the nicest homes I know of. Certainly nicer than my first home! Or the one he grew up in...ha!
Now comes the jewelry of a home; details that make it feel complete. Being that one of my dream jobs is as a stager, I was very enthusiastic about Friday. We shopped for several hours as Jay chose curtains, wall hangings, a few final pieces of furniture. That took a little bit of patience and finesse. The Mr. standing by looking at his watch reminding me of the time he will be needing if the new purchases are to be installed, Jay having no clue about his preference of tab tops, valances or tie backs. Me feeling the need to wander up and down every aisle in case there is something fabulous just calling out. Have I mentioned that shopping is even more fun on someone elses dime? Jay had budgeted for this round of house projects and I was very relaxed about spending his money. Much more so than my own.
Jay being a typical man has been living in his fabulous new home with a television and couch in his living room and these not exactly artfully arranged. No kitchen set. No curtains or wall hangings. And it was almost beyond him to figure out what he wanted, needed or preferred. So it came down to me picking his brain, knowing him pretty well and trying to present only two options at a time...this curtain rod or this one?
Finally we purchased chocolate brown drapes with grommet details at the top for his picture window. Chocolate brown Roman shade type for his side window and the same curtain in a linen creamy white for his kitchen windows. He was thrilled to find a chocolate brown leather ottoman on clearance at Target. A much needed living room chair was purchased as was a high top dining room table, Mission style cherry top with black legs. A black Mission style end table for next to his chair. Finally a very cool painting of Time Square on what looks like a rainy Autumn evening for over his couch. Nickel curtain rod with Grecian finials for his picture window and four hours later we were headed home with our goodies. He was experiencing that excitement over his purchases mixed with the shock of how expensive everything is. The Mr. was grousing about the time it would take assemble the dining room set which consisted of four chairs and a table packed into a very flat box; indicated assembly at the molecular level. I was just excited about decorating, who wouldn't be? I, I mean Jay, even had salt and pepper mills that I, I mean Jay, thought would look fabulous on his stove. Which they do!
My mom and dad came by as did Mac and the party got into full swing. The painting looks wonderful hung above Jay's green leather sofa. The chocolate brown side curtain really pops against the sage walls. The rod for the picture window had some kind of industrial screws that would have come out the other side of the house had they been used so that project had to wait. The chair looks great, a lighter creamy color against the green walls with the black side table. The dining set was indeed a time-consuming project and ended with only two chairs assembled as it was getting late. But it looks great, I even donated the table runner I had purchased for myself. A floor lamp from Target was assembled and placed next to the sofa where it looks better than I imagined.
Our old brass finish mirror got refinished with spray paint to match the nickel finish theme. My mom had bought him a letter "J" for the wall, which also got the nickel treatment. A dry erase calendar hung for notes and appointments. The Ikea chair which once served as a life-endangering seating option was tucked away into the home office as I am convinced anyone weighing greater than 140 pounds or having lived longer than 35 years would crush it or be seriously injured attempting to rise from it. Dean moved the television into a more appropriate corner and placed the sofa opposite so that the room feels balanced and created a spot for the new chair.
Oh, did I mentioned the chocolate brown drapes for the picture window are much too long? Reading only the width I failed to notice that the height was 91 inches. Oy. They will have to be hemmed as this is the only length they come in. Not a big deal.
So at around 8:00 p.m., roughly nine hours after our adventure began we headed home. Tired but so happy for Jay, so thankful for this home. So grateful for the part each of us can play in helping him create his adult life. He said he was going to come over for dinner but was an hour getting there. It seems after we all left he was just sitting in his living room looking around.
That was Friday and as far as this mom/stager is concern; it was a great day.
As for today? Well, the plan was to head over while Jay is at work to hem and iron those new drapes. However, Dean took Mac's truck keys to work. This left Mac taking my truck to work. This leaves me here at home, not that I don't love that. But sheesh, I came home last night after work and cleaned house so that today I'd be free to finish working at Jay's. Oh well. Maybe Mac will get rained out.
If not, I guess I'll sit around here being happy, grateful and blessed.


Trish said...

That sweet boy I remember, is now a sweet man with a home of his own!
I would've sat there too...nothing like making a home your own. Can't wait to see photo's...better yet invite me for coffee to see your place and his!!!

Pat said...

I went over there today, it looks so nice. I bought him place mats and a centerpiece. That place looks better then mine...what's up with that?!