Thursday, September 10, 2009

Texas, Connecticut

On the right is another view of the family room. You'll note the giant brownish red star? I was born on an Army base (Ft. Hood) in Texas where my dad was stationed during the Vietnam War. Haven't been back since and have no memory of the place but you know us; I'm the official Texan of the family. We're sentimental about things we can't even remember. While I was putting the details on the family room I decided (much to the Mr.'s dismay) that I needed a giant Texas star for this giant wall. And would you believe it, my mom and dad just happened to have a giant Texas star in the exact brownish red color I needed! Lucky me! The Mr. has grown accustomed to it although he hasn't yet mentioned thinking it's the bee's knees. Doesn't matter, we Texans remain true.
Looking from the C.S. Lewis Room into the kitchen, cabinets were a dark maple stain. Now "Cottage White", a soft antiquey white. The floors are laminate. Against the far wall is my grandparent's pie safe which originally lived at The Farm. To the right of the window is a framed menu from the old Hudson's restaurant. The large clock above the pie safe was a housewarming gift from my parents and was hanging in the guest bedroom before the re-do. The hardware on the cabinets is original, just freshened up with a new coat of black paint. Our kitchen table is one we've had forever, bought from Monkey Wards. It has character in the form of scratches and chips (sound familiar Mrs. Mac?) and we love it just the way it is. The final project will be new counter tops, probably a little further into the fall when the savings is replenished a bit!
Post Script: You'll note a strip of wall on the left vertical archway into the kitchen that is not painted. That is intentional! My grandparents recorded Daboyz height on that wall and as long as I'm living here, it will not be painted over!
Small grace: My earrings perfectly match my scrubs!


Pat said...

In the kitchen picture, I again see that strip of wall you forgot to paint! Ha...little did I know it was ignored on purpose. Talk about sentimental!
The house looks like "yours"..and thats a good thing!

Mrs. Mac said...

This is turning in to a very fine tour sara. You definitely have the re-do/re-purposing decorating down to a 'T' I LOVE everything you've done .. the paint choices, the lightening up of the dark paneling and kitchen cabinets. Very homey indeed. Is my guest room ready yet?;)

Constance said...

Of course you HAVE to have a Texas star! My goodness, what else would've went so splendidly on that wall? My father was stationed at Ft Hood before he shipped out to Germany, where he met my mother. Of course now we've lived here 16+ years so I consider myself a Texan as well!

Love the redo but I also love how you have so many cherished family possessions as well!

Trish said...

Love it Sara...that furniture looks familiar..Hmmm.