Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Bungolian Barbecue

You wouldn't think it would take much energy for a person to post a few pics, would you? Well you would be wrong!

On Labor Day we had the family over for a good old fashioned American barbecue. Although we do a lot of celebrating our heritage with ethnic dishes, we devoted Monday to hot dogs, burgers and the like. My parents, my sister's family and we four with Lexi (Mac's girlfriend) enjoyed a relaxing day of just being together and of course, eating too much!

My mom was kind enough to take some pictures of the house that we've been working hard at redecorating over the last year since we became the official owners of "Queen Street" as the place is known. This is the family room, formerly of dark paneled walls and blue carpeting. The guy on the couch is my dad, not Desi Arnaz. Nearly all of our redecorating has been a matter of repurposing. I'm a sentimental schmuck so I feel the need to be continually surrounded with objects that I've had forever or that belonged to other members of the family. The few new items like the painting to the left of the windows are bargain items, mostly from Garden Ridge. The only big ticket item is the television over the fireplace and that is because the Mr. is not a sentimental schmuck, just your average schmuck...:)

So here's your first peek of the make-over. I'm sure if you squint hard enough you'll see shades of Connecticut in there!

It's hard to express in words how much I love my home so you'll just have to enjoy my mom's photography and take my word for it!

Small grace: Figuring out how to post these pictures!


Mrs. Mac said...

I'm sorry to have forced the issue (by banging my utensils) .. but I must say, you've done an excellent 'Connecticut' redo. And the background color of your webpage is a perfect match for the same color on the wall. BTW, in my book only guys can be schmucks ... we gals are called schmoes ;) just ask Mr. Mac, he know all about the guy version ;)

Margie said...

its homey and beautiful, when you having me over for dinner instead of going to Panera?