Saturday, September 12, 2009

1. What a pretty day!
2. Moving slow, it's 10:00 and I'm still in p.j.s
3. Tom's party today!
4. Slight headache.
5. Thinking about changing out the summer/winter clothes pretty soon.
6. Gonna pick some herbs to dry and freeze.
7. Going out to lunch?
8. Still searching for the perfect wall-hangings for my bedroom.
9. Dean's mom and dad sold their car! Thank God!!
10. Happy Saturday!


Deb said...

I just commented on your room - go back to see...

Pat said...

It's too soon to change out summer/winter clothes. If you do it now, it will get really hot. It's just like washing your car - it always rains afterward.

maggie said...

Your house looks supper ! Youv'e done a great job.

Terry said...

dear sara...thank you so much for your words of sympathy.
you in your young life have gone through this three times since i met you and you understand!
[both your grammas and arlene.]
love terry

Mrs. Mac said...

Yea for the folks selling their car! There comes a time when that is necessary .. and it helps when then know it.