Monday, September 14, 2009

Yearly Check-Up

Dr.: How have you been doing?

Me: Fine!

Dr.: Any problems since your surgery?

Me: Nope, feeling great!

Dr.: It's not quite time for your pap smear and mammogram yet. Hmm. Is your hair falling out?

Me:No, I just got a kicky new haircut!

Dr.: Yes. I see. Is your skin very dry?

Me: Nope. I use Gold Bond!

Dr.: Alright. Very tired?

Me: Not really.

Dr.: Anything else going on?

Me: No.

Dr.: Everything is good?

Me: Yes (starting to suspect something. Another hairy ovary?)

Dr.: (Leaning forward with deep concern. ) You are getting quite heavy I see.

Me: Yeah, no kidding.

Dr.: What do you think is causing it? Thyroid maybe?

Me: Or the tremendous amounts of food I eat.

Dr.: Let's check your thyroid and just keep up your regular exercise routine.

Me: I think my regular exercise routine might be a contributing factor.

Dr.: Why is that?

Me: It's an urban myth.

Dr.: (Looking very concerned.) What do you think you need to do?

Me: Stop eating?

Dr.: Ok, (writing in my chart), let's go with that. But we'll still check you thyroid.

And why not? I've been praying for an under active thyroid for 20 years!


Amber Land said...

That is funny...almost. I feel your pain!

maggie said...

Do you think thats wrong with the rest of us ?( our family)

Trish said...

small graces...underactive thyroid.

Margie said...

ill take an underactive thyroid as a LARGE grace, please

Jada's Gigi said...

If only the eating thing wasn't SUCH an issue, I'd be just fine, thank you.

Deb said...

Lol - yep - that's why I've put on 20 pounds since June...underactive thyroid. I has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I am no longer working and I get little to no exercise and I sit around stuffing my face with enormous amounts of comfort food in order to stuff my emotions... nope. definitely thyroid.

Pat said...

I'm being treated for an under active can just see how the treatment to speed it up has made me so slim...NOT!

Constance said...

got that too! HypOthyroidism, couldn't be HyPERthyroidism! I think my warranty ran out *10,000 miles ago! Sigh!