Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Makers This Week

1. Sarah's pom pon debut.
2. Changing a patient's bed linens and finding was just oreo cookie stains.
3. Coming into work yesterday and being greeted with, "Hey! there's Sara! We were waiting on you before we had coffee!"
4. Snuggling with Donny on the couch.
5. Laughter; wherever I find it.
6. Hugs from unexpected places.
7. Garden tomato sandwiches.
8. Sleeping in this morning.
9. Speaking of sleeping, electric blankets and open windows.
10. The Mr. did all the laundry!


Trish said...

Think I'll have a Mater Sandwich for lunch!

Amber Land said...
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Amber Land said...

Well that was very sweet of the Mr.