Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Expected Grace

A few months ago I went out on a limb for something I wanted. I didn't get it. Denied. This morning I was ruminating on my way to work; why didn't I get it? I see no reason why this didn't work. Maybe I should go back and try again. Then the Holy Spirit dropped the answer into my heart...
"If you were to write the story of your life, its title would be, Living On Expected Grace."
Wow. Living on expected grace. Is that really what I am doing? Or rather, do I realize the difference between living on grace and living on expected grace. Do I expect good, glorious and anointed things? Am I so faith-driven that I can let go of the things I count as losses and thank God for expected grace? Do I live continuously excited and joyous about the days yet to come because I trust completely that unmerited favor is on its way?
The substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. I expect grace all the days of my life.
I am living with great expectations.

Testify! This year when we filed our income taxes we were hit with the news that we owed almost $2,000. Yikes! Well, yikes and ok because owing money indicates having made money. Not alot to complain about. Mac went to our tax guy a few days later and in doing Mac's returns, the guy realized that he hadn't claimed Mac's tuition as our dependent. He sent an addendum, the IRS said the first return was right, the Mr. called, the IRS reviewed the review of the addendum. Guess what? We recently got a check for $800 from the IRS. Which helped pay for new sewer pipes which have resulted in a dry basement. Which we didn't realize we needed to pay for when our taxes were first submitted. Had we received that money in the "right" timing, we would've spent it on a patio which would've had to be broken up for the sewer pipes. Hallelujah!


Trish said...

God is never late! His blessings are always right on time

Mrs. Mac said...

How spot on is God for you?:)