Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday's Child

I'm feeling rested this morning and the pain is less. If I'm not markedly better Monday I'll go to the doctor. Off today and working this weekend. On today's schedule, getting my hairs did and bringing my plants inside before a sneaky overnight freeze gets 'em. The question is, where to put them all? I'll need to re-pot a few. That should be the day for me.
Autumn is definitely settling in to our neck of the woods and I'm happy to welcome it. I spent some time with the L.L. Bean catalog and think I'll treat myself to a few items, a jacket and shoes to be exact. I might just break with tradition and order them now so when it's really cold, blowy and wet I'll be ready as opposed to running to Target in the cold, blowy wetness to get what I need. I was going to order a few fleece pull-overs as well but those are cheaper at Old Navy. A pair of jeans and a few bags of Gold Toe socks and I should be good to go! Oh, and I need underwear but I'll spare you the details.
Time for me to get this day started, finish my coffee and hop in a hot shower. Enjoy this beautiful Autumn day wherever you are!


Mrs. Mac said...

Hope you are enjoying your day. Autumn has arrived here as well .. time for bon fires and hot cocoa. Really, gold toes;)

Jada's Gigi said...

Autumn sounds delightful! but you'd better take care of all those aches and pains! Maybe you have mono...