Sunday, September 26, 2010


I have a dear friend who has honored me with the opportunity to pray for a need in her life. God has impressed me along two lines, that He will provide and that while we wait I am to pray for her to be encouraged and sure that He will exceed her expectations. I'm asking you to claim the abundance of the Lord's provision for her with me. I'm also asking you do something very basic, remind yourself, the enemy and anyone else who runs across your blog that God is the keeper of His people. Please think about, no change that, please do one of these.

1. Post a link to your blog where you share the testimony of an answered prayer or
2. Share your testimony in the comment section on this blog any time or
3. Make the testimony of God's answer to your needs your Facebook status.

Here's the thing, I want a collection of testimonies. I want everything from the stunningly miraculous to the everyday hand of God. I want the internet flooded with Jesus. Make it a one-liner on the end of your blog posts, make it a top ten list, make it a daily Facebook status or change it every hour. The more testimonies in the most places is what we need. Let's encourage those who are waiting for their answers, let's catch the attention of the unbelievers and let's remind ourselves that we do not ask in vain.

Several years ago we returned from vacation in the middle of July, turned our air conditioning back on and ...nothing. The temps were in the 90s and our house had been shut tight for a week. One the one hand, we knew that people everywhere lived without air conditioning. On the other hand, it was dang hot!
I couldn't seem to let it go that I had a right to air conditioning. Not some kind of arrogant entitlement but a feeling that God had provided a house with central air and how dare that air conditioning not work for us. Silly or faith; you decide. So while Dean puttered and called people for advice and starting thumbing through the phone book for a heating and cooling company, I went into our bedroom, knelt down and put my hand over the air vent. You got it, I prayed over the air conditioning. Then I took silly faith a step farther...I told my family I had just laid hands on our air vents and it was just a matter of time until the cool was restored.
Silly faith is the best kind, that air kicked on within and hour and worked beautifully for the remainder of the time we lived that house. So often, we have not because we ask not.


Pat said...

do you remember when people used to testify in church? What a great affirmation of God's blessings!
There are so many things to praise Him for. Healing your heart. Healing Amy of her seizures, meeting financial needs when it seemed impossible. Providing jobs, especially mine after being a homemaker for over 30 years to get a job in a human resource department..that Was God.

I count every breath I take as a miracle. Maggies miraculous healing from pancreatic cancer...God is so good!
No, we do not ask in vain!!

Mrs. Mac said...

The Lord once gave me a vision in a dream that my grandpa had died and I witnessed his spirit on its way to hell. This gave me the courage to share the plan of salvation with him when he visited me from out of town the following day. He accepted Christ as his savor (in his mid 70's) and the following day had a major heart attack. God's timing is everything. Grandpa pulled through and lived until 91. Listen and act on God's prompting in your life.

Let's flood the internet with God's great mercy and love!!

Margie said...

I love prayer, I savor it.

Phyllis's healing of Arthritis
Provision in money when it seems impossible
Food in our cupboards everyday
A job that I never knew possible
A wage I thought I'd never achieve
Getting to be a mom, even though at the time I didn't know that's what I wanted
Peace when I ask for it.
Countless students who are free!