Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Whole Tooth

UPDATE: Surgery went well, Jay is home (at our house) resting. Hungry, can eat and drink in about 15 minutes. Making him some iced coffee and pumpkin pancakes with a side of Vicodin! Thanks for your prayers!

Pray for Jay tomorrow? Our oldest boy is having oral surgery in the morning. Four impacted wisdom teeth. He'll be staying with us for a day or two as he recovers for a little old-fashioned home care. Surgery is at 9:00 a.m. Thank you in advance!

Testify! When I started my job, I didn't know anyone and I was nervous to be leaving behind a place where I knew everyone and had support close at hand. I was sitting at a table outside of an office filling out new hire paperwork when from behind the closed door I heard, "This is the air I breathe..." The message? God is never not here. It was like Jesus had taken the chair next to me and said, "I've been waiting for you to get here!"


Pat said...

Already told him I'd keep him in prayer!

Trish said...

Praying for Jay.

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