Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A Trailer and A Heating Pad

I'm home with muscles aches. I started last week with aching knees, blamed it on weight and a change in the weather. Right knee quite a lot worse than the left. Then a few days ago, sore neck. I attributed that to sleeping wrong and needing new pillows. Got the new pillows but several days later my neck hurts as much as ever and it is radiating down my shoulder and into my shoulder blades and upper arm.
Yesterday it seemed I was aching all over. Then I thought, hey! Maybe my Vitamin D level is low. About a year and a half ago I had some bad muscle pain and it turned out to be Vitamin D. A few months of supplements and I was good as new. So I started back to taking Vitamin D. But this morning I was so sore when I woke up I didn't feel like hauling myself downstairs into the shower. So I crept out of bed and walked around like Quasi Modo for a bit before I surrendered to the couch and a heating pad which I'm moving from aching spot to aching spot...knees, back, neck, other knee, arm...
Yes I have tried Motrin which takes the edge off but doesn't ever seems to completely get rid of it. In fact, it's worse day by day. Yes, I've made sure to drink lots of water. I'm eating healthy. Getting rest, stretching (of course, only the stretching when I started hurting.) Last night I slept really well and I was sure when the alarm went off that I'd be feeling better. And I was, until I stretched my arm out to shut off the alarm. Ouch.
So here I am watching The Long Long Trailer on my DVR and drinking my coffee from a semi-reclined position. Heating pad is currently under my left knee. It was on top of my left knee but the underside was still sore.
I'm hoping that a few days of the Vitamin D and some heating pad therapy will give me some relief. I wish I was tired so I could nap the day away but I'm not at all. I'm sure a hot shower would help but the idea of getting off the sofa is a little overwhelming right now so I suppose I'll pace myself.
If you have any ideas, let me know. I'm ready to try anything!


Mrs. Mac said...

Too much sugary carbs can make you achy .. especially the knees. Did you take home all the left-lover baked beans from your mom's???;) Well, I suppose you just need a few days of rest .. we women tend to forget about taking care of ourselves until we are worn out. I have some dvd's I can send you and a few good books. Let me know :)

Hugs and I'll say a few prayers for you today.

Pat said...

Hope your feeling better.
I have a Dr.s appointment tomorrow for the pain in my hip/side/leg.