Monday, September 06, 2010

Fed Up!

Warning, whiny butt post to ensue...
I worked today and that's fine. It's part of my job, take my turn covering the holidays. Fine. However, there were four people given vacation time (not by me) and then a volunteering of my staff to assist another department for an hour (not by me) and some very sick patients admitted to the hospital (not by me.) What I'm saying to you, is that I am downright fed up with working short-staffed due to actions taken not by me.
Then after leaving, I get a afternoon shift staff did not show up. Why? Because he states he was not supposed to even be on the schedule. An error apparently. And guess what? That's right, not by me.
It's not the working on a holiday that I'm whining about. But much like working on a weekend, I am eternally aggravated by errors and short-sightedness by people who don't actually work the holidays or weekends themselves. On bad days like today, it feels very much like perhaps it's not such an important matter to do things correctly if the person doing them won't pay the consequences for a job not well done.
In truth, I don't think that. But right now, today, as I have tried to stretch people farther than they can stretch to cover holes that shouldn't have been there, I'm pouty whiny sorry for myself. So I'm venting. This is a conversation that needs to be had, but I need to do it with wisdom and graciousness and not whiny butt anger. I'll hold my peace until I get there.
In the meantime, I'm going to stew for a bit and then have some diet 7-UP/cranberry juice cocktail and trial to unfurl my eyebrows.


maggie said...

Thats what being a supervisor is about,the people above you use you, the people below you abuse you,don't dwell on the negatives.When I worked for the school dist. the employees knew how hard it was to discipline them , because of the process it took.

Trish said...

Mandy worked a double shift that day least someone was there with