Tuesday, September 07, 2010

My Mom's BFF

My mom pointed me in the direction of a blog that has become a daily stop for me. It's not a Christian Woman's Devotional, so I liked it very much...wink. It's the Pioneerwoman. The author is Ree Drummond and it's all about home with a twist of all kinds of other goodies I love. Her writing is fun and although it's not in the inspirational category as we often identify it, I find inspiration there just about daily.
Ree loves loves loves her husband and kids. She loves her home, simplicity and a smattering of the good life here and there to keep it interesting. I've purchased her cookbook for my mom as well as a bottle of her recommended Sugar Lemon body wash because according to my mother, Ree is her BFF. I'm not entirely sure Ree would confirm the relationship but so far, from recipes to her favorite lipstick (Maybelline, $5.04 @ Target), she gets it right in my book pretty much all the time.
Her blog has recipes which are consistently good and photos of her home and decorating projects. Oh, and did I mention she lives on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma? For no other reason, the cowboys and chaps are worth a daily look-see! She's also a fantastic photographer and some day when I'm feeling particularly inspired, I might actually read her how-to tips. In the meantime, I just look at the pictures and ooh and ahh.
So there's my tip for the day, go visit the Pioneer Woman. Tell her that her BFF Pat sent you.


Pat said...

If she's my BFF, I keep wondering why I can't ever win one of her fab give-aways!
Come on Ree, send some prizes my way!
Her cookbook and Sugar Lemon Wash are the best!

Kell said...

I love the pioneer woman. i've been reading since 2006 or 2007. every single recipe i have ever tried is fabulous, and i love her cookbook.

i am always trying to win one of the kitchen aid stand mixers when she gives them away. i never win anything.