Friday, January 06, 2012

10 sentences

1. Jay gave me his old Kindle. Not as good as a for-real book but great for when you want one and don't have one. :)
2. Major insomnia all week. I've taken everything over the counter and it's just not helping. Looking forward to catching up on sleep this weekend.
3. I ordered a set of vintage mid century counter top canisters on E Bay, arrived in a box that reeks of cigarette smoke and believe it or not; even the canisters stink. If I had payed more than $6, I'd be fussing. Gonna run 'em through the dishwasher but I fear they are headed for the garage to become nuts/nails/bolts containers. Blech.
4. We have saved money and are all set to buy new living room furniture; only we can't find any that suits our fancy.
5. I ordered new scrubs on line on December 26 and they still haven't arrived. Good grief!
6. What's with the Spring-like weather?
7. Daboyz got me a Keurig for my office for Christmas, it's groovy.
8. The Mr. got me a horizontal cross necklace for Christmas, I lurv it.
9. Did I mention naps are on my weekend agenda?
10. Have I also mentioned that I am writing this post at 11:17 p.m. on Friday night?


Margie said...

for number 3... make sure you report the seller, and I'd get your $6 back! that's not cool!

Becky said...

#6 hope we don't get slammed!!!

Trish said...

Blech is right! There is nothing worse than the stench of cigarette smoke! It clings to everything...
I want some SNOW already!!! This is the mitten for crying out loud.
Have fun on your hunt for furniture.
I love you!