Monday, January 30, 2012

Changing to normal

Here I sit still in my scrubs in the quiet of my little old house. Jay just left, having stopped by to join me for pizza. Mac is at work. And the Mr.? He is on his last afternoon shift! Praise the Lord! As I was sitting here yesterday evening I realized, I like that guy and I miss him. Oh I love being alone in my quiet little old house, don't misunderstand me. And I even don't mind sleeping alone. Still, I like that guy.

He'll be working next weekend but on Sunday he'll be on day shift and getting home late in the evening, Monday official day shift begins.

So this evening will be my last night of solitude. I have three books I'm reading and I think I'll put on my jammies, turn off the television (that won't happen when the Mr. is here) and enjoy myself.

Tomorrow evening, the TV will be on and everything will be back to noisy normalcy.

And that, will be a welcome change.


Elizabeth said...

I know what you mean. I love my family but I do enjoy those quite days I have the house to myself!

Margie said...