Saturday, January 21, 2012

Large & small happiness

1. My mom's knee replacement was a great success, PT starts today!
2. I have to work today, really wishing I could be with my mom at the hospital.
3. Snow! Love the way it looks, thankful I'm not dealing with a true blizzard on a work day.
4. I keep forgetting to make an appointment for new glasses.
5. The Mr. has put in his papers to bump to day shift, thank goodness!
6. I have come to the conclusion that much of the mess of our hearts, minds, homes and families would be fixed if we fixed our minds on whatsoever things are pure, holy and of good report.
7. Dreamed of my gramma and grampa last night. That happens pretty regularly and it is just exactly like a wonderful visit. I always awaken with a happy heart.
8. Also dreamed of the Scarf Sisters! We were having a party outside in a beautiful yard with lights strung in the trees.
9. Full moon? Hormones? Lots of sweet dreams!
10. Everything is beautiful, in its own way!

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Lori Alexander said...

LOVED #6. The battlefield is in the mind. Dwell on the lovely and pure and your life becomes so much better.