Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday musings

My goodness it's cold! 4F in the Mitten this morning! I am waking up thankful for a long list including my warm house, warm clothing and warm car in the garage. My mom is having knee replacement in a few hours and shortly I will be heading to the hospital. I'm so glad this day is here! I know there will be some hard moments of recovery, actually, no I don't! I have asked God to make her recovery quick and easy so why in the world should I claim it will be hard? Silly. I'm happy that the pain and difficulty is behind her and that she'll be able to regain the ability to be physically active.
As for me, I am having a cup of coffee and some quality time with a heating pad and a handful of Excederin. Oy, the joys of being a girl! Migraine and cramps (my apologies to any gentlemen who have happened upon this moment of sharing!) I took Motrin to work yesterday and left it on my desk so Jesus, please give super Motrin powers to this Excederin! Did you know that antihistamines are one of the best things to take for menstrual cramps? Yup! 2 Motrin (or Excederin) with 25 mg Benadryl or any other medication with an antihistamine will work much better than just the pain reliever. At night, I up it to 50 mg Benadryl so I can sleep. One of my nurse friends said I was crazy until she tried it, now she's a believer and realizes that I am a genius. I am one of those lucky ladies who has terrible cramps and I would have to call in sick if I couldn't find something to manage the pain. I won't even mention the rest of the details of my womanly experience other than I also get a migraine that makes me want to hide in a dark corner and cry. It sometimes requires 800 mg Motrin with 50 mg Benadryl but on my worst days, that does help. And yes, I've talked to the doctor and it's just the way God made me. Gynecological update complete.
I know you will be praying for my mom today but please please, take more than a few moments and pray for people who are mentally ill, homeless and under-resourced in this terrible cold. I've turned up my thermostat and turned on the fireplace but there are so very many people who spent the night outside, in vacant houses or without power. It doesn't matter if they arrived in these circumstances due to drug abuse or alcoholism; Jesus loves them and died for exactly "that kind" of person. Hospitals will be flooded with people looking for a warm bed and hot meal, malls and restaurants will have some unseemly folks wandering in looking for shelter and yes, some of those people will have the potential to be dangerous. Pray for them today. And could I be a little pushy? Last night, Jay and I talked about committing ourselves to doing something like finding a charity or donation opportunity to make an impact in a tangible way. Will you do the same? Shoes, warm clothing and the like for our hospital are a tremendous blessing and lately we're running out of coats faster than we can replace them. We had 2 pairs of gloves and 3 hats in the clothing closet yesterday. Can you buy one pair of gloves and get them to a church, a hospital or even the hobo on the on ramp to the freeway on your way to work? Do one something and do it today...please.
Time for another cup of coffee and a bowl of granola. And I promised my mom to come to the hospital and draw eyebrows on her with a sharpie so I've got a busy day ahead of me!


Jada's Gigi said...

pictures of the sharpie eyebrows please...;)

Kell said...

I have consumed many a motrin with a benadryl chaser in my days. In fact, I've taken them several times this week. I would die monthly without them.

Deb said...

Motrin and Benadryl....I do that all the time and didn't even know it was today's "drug of choice!" Every night, in fact - it helps me sleep - and get through the pain from the MS. :)

I enjoyed your blog post - I am one who immediately praises God for my warm house and asks Him to warm those who have no homes...don't know why - but have always had a burden for this situation. You're doing good, sister Sara! Keep it up!

...and I too, like Cheryl, am waiting for the sharpie eyebrow photo. ;)