Thursday, January 12, 2012

Longing for Mitford or at least a blizzard

Finally, it seems, winter may be arriving in the Mitten. Snow storm warnings in the western half promise a half foot of snow. On this side, we have dreary gray rain and still above normal temperatures, currently at 38F. I'm confident we'll see blizzard warnings before all is said and done. You know, I love a good blizzard!
Of course, I should explain that said blizzard must happen during a stretch of a day or two when I'm off of work. Preferably, the menfolk should be home as well so I don't worry about them out driving in it. I am an excellent snow driver, second Mac with the Mr. and Jay being something of a menace to be frank.
Winter (snowy or not) begs for a good book and I'm rereading one of my favorite series of all time, the Father Tim Mitford series. If you've not read them, you must must must! I stumbled across them at the library a few years ago in my endless search for small town, silly characters and innocent stories. The Father Tim books occupy the same place of honor in my mind as the Little House books. They make me laugh out loud and here and there, even cry a little. They are full of the goodness of God and the ideals that make life every wonderful thing it was meant to be. Father Tim is presently making a pork roast with his mother's recipe of orange rind and brandy and a pot of Navy beans. What could be better?
So I long for a blizzard with my books and a pot of soup on the stove. Jay gave me his old Kindle when he got his new one for Christmas so I even have the ability to simply order a book without leaving the house!
Today, however, I am going to have to venture out into the less than ideal world and spend my day with people who don't know God. I'll just have to take the sweetness of my quiet times with Father Tim as the fuel to get through the ugliness of life outside of Mitford. I've been fighting a cold of some sort but feeling marginally better today than yesterday so thanks be to God! That's what Father Tim would say :)
Have a wonderful day!


Pat said...

I think we may have "Mitford-itis". I think we Mitford fans should pack our bags this Fall and head for the Mitford festival in North Carolina! Maybe we can find Dooley!!!

Ginger said...

Love Mitford; don't care much for blizzards.

donna said...

will have to peruse the shelves of my local snow here yet...but welcome the idea of it.

Becky said...

we got snow.