Saturday, July 22, 2006

Oh The Places We'll Go!

1. For sportswear; Wal-Mart.
2. For casualwear; Kohl's.
3. For dress-up; Penney's.
4. For shoes; Mervyn's until they closed. Now all is lost.
5. For cosmetics; Walgreen's.
6. For skin-care; Mary Kay, except for foundation which sucks.
7. For salad bars; Ruby Tuesday's.
8. For coffee; Starbuck's.
9. For incidentals; Target. For definition of incidentals, see "general crap & stuff".
10.For soul-food; Metrosouth Church.


Birmingham Girl said...

Your ab's look really good in that picture. Nice ring too.

Sara said...

thank you.

Tonya said...

looking good in your picture Sara!

Sara said...

ok, just to make sure there's no deception happening; that is really not me! oh, how i wish!

Becky said...

did you know you can have one stop shopping at walmart? if you're lucky you can hit a super walmart and pick up the salad for your own salad bar.

Sara said...

i LOVE supe wal-mart! is there one around here? gaylord is a very long drive.
guess what where my dirty dishes are? pictures to come!

Margie said...

what happened to MK foundation, it used to be great and they switched to that paste stuff - yuck!

Becky said...

dishes? hum, is your little stunt double?

MSUgal86 said...

I miss Mervyn's!!!

aliscia said...

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onfoyou said...

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