Thursday, November 16, 2006


I have no answer to the following question but I’d love to hear your input.
Just how far from God’s heart are we?
Hey, maybe you’re not far at all. Maybe you’re right there seeking, serving and reflecting Christ with ever fiber of your being. So maybe this is just my deal. How far from God’s heart am I?
Because I wonder why I was given this particular life. There are people in other countries and within miles of my home starving, suffering and dying. I could do more. And I don’t.
I mentioned in a top ten list that one Saturday morning I had thought about adopting a baby. And then I decided not to. But seriously, why are there babies in foster care, in orphanages, dying of starvation while Christians have warm homes and enough resources to house one more child?
Do you ever wonder if there was a divine purpose to the life you were given and if you’re only living in a tiny corner of the house God wants you to build? There must be some thirty nine year old woman somewhere in the world who can barely make it. Someone whose kids are hungry or who is mentally challenged or who is being beaten up by a drunk husband.
Why isn’t that me? Is it because God piled up wealth for my distribution and I’m hoarding it?
Or is it just the way of a fallen world that children will live and die in orphanages without a soft bed or a mom and dad to love them. Does God expect us to run full force to save everyone we can or does he accept the pain of some contrasted against the blessings of others as just the way it is?
Should only people who burn in their spirits for another child adopt one? Or should every Christian who can support another baby go rescue some child in need?
Are some aspects of sacrificial life just presupposed or do we wait for the divine knock on the door before we respond in full? I'm not just talking about a check written to some organization, as wonderful as that is. I'm talking about taking some kid without a family and being the mom and dad they lack. I'm talking about a full-on life investment.
Is it gonna be ok when we stand before God to present a solid tithe statement or is he gonna ask why a baby died in Africa of starvation that I could’ve saved?
Am I guilty?
I’m afraid of the answer.

Acts 4:32
All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of his possessions was his own, but they shared everything they had.


Birmingham Girl said...

I've been thinking on the same subject. When we come before judgement, what will our lives on earth reflect that we've done?
Acts 4:32 says it all.

Margie said...

I've been wondering about adopting a child from this area, one who is in the foster program. One who is in great need of love, and I always wonder if i can handle it... if it will fit in MY schedule, instead I should be planning my schedule around God's will. I'm a jerk, I don't like the answer, I guess I'll have to pray some more.

Margie said...

acts 4:32 All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of his possessions was his own, but they shared everything they had.

Jada's Gigi said...

I don't feel guilty for my life..I know there are many who live better and many who live much worse...I feel responsible to do what He speaks to my heart..nothing else...HIs living of His life in me is of His choosing, not mine....He has His own ways and His own plans and yes, some things in this world are horrible...sin and the fall permeate the earth...but as He Himself said...the poor you have with you always...even He didn't heal everyone, feed everyone or save everyone...He only did what He saw His Father doing...that is what I feel is required of attention..listen to His voice within me..follow His lead...
Thank you for asking...

Anonymous said...

adopted kids are screwed up in the head... dont do it! :)

intriguing. i think that the whole "sharing everything you own" is about giving to those who ask for it or that God places on our hearts. not necessarily roaming the globe searching for those in need. theres a fine line sometimes between compassion and survivors guilt... not to mention media manipulation.
but just the fact that youre even thinking about it is more than i can say!

Becky said...

are you crazy! YOU'RE ALMOST DONE!!!!!!! and on a more serious note, in acts when they gave for each other, i do believe they were helping each other in need in the area of which they were in...i don't think they searched. i feel for those in need in other areas but i do have a heart for those in need here in our own community. i don't think that's selfish. i also think that those who do help the global need are each called by God to do such a thing. We are all called to-what's the word-predestined for His will. they also set up AREA churches to help those in need-what the leaders do with the assistance given them is totally between him and God.
this is my imput as ugly as it might read...

Lisa said...

I'm a former foster child and current child advocate,

I think that if we look at the world with all its problems that it is easy to become overwhelmed.

The way that I have found that I can be most effective is to narrow my focus.

For me, that focus is foster care.

Every day, I pray that I can make a positive difference. Every day, I try to do at least one thing that can help.

It's as if I am walking towards a final destination, and each day I'm making steps toward that goal.

I don't think we need to get all introspective and analyze ourselves to death. Guilt can be a very self-focused emotion.

Nor do I feel qualified to tell anyone else what their focus should be.

I just know mine: United States foster youth and alumni.

As George MacDonald wrote: "Do the thing that lies next to you. That is all of our business."


Deb said...

My dh and I are in the process of becoming foster parents....we've been "in the process" for several weeks --turning into months. There are days when I'm really anxious to finish "the process" so that we are finally approved....I also realize that it's all in God's timing. ....but knowing that we have the potential to help chance a young person's life is humbling...

Sara said...

thanks for your input and insight guys. i found it very interesting that a few of you mentioned feeling guilty about our lives. i don't feel a bit guilty, i feel abundantly blessed. and to those who have been given much, much is expected....
no guilt, just awareness.