Monday, November 27, 2006

Oh Christmas Tree!

First of all let me say that the Mr. put up and decorated the tree while I was at work which I appreciate but also means it's not over loaded with all the stuff I feel I need to put up every year! I added a few touches of my own; see if you can spot them.
Moving on, there's the clear bulb I bought in high school and kept in my hope chest for two years waiting for my own home. Got it at Hudson's on clearance after the holidays in 1984.
There's the red bass guitar, in honor of some sexy musician I know.
There are snow babies dating back to Jay's birth in 1988 and as recent as last year in honor of daboyz. There's the required Frankenmuth names bulbs and the Hungarian bulb that once hung on my gramma and grampa's tree.
There are baby's first Christmas x 2 and Yukon Cornelius and homemade ornaments made for us by friends. There's the tree topper that's an angel/labrador retriever just because it's funny.
There are Christopher Radko's and knock-offs thereof that are my absolute favorite kind of ornament. I got my first a few years back; a little penguin my mom had attached to a gift. It was the beginning of a love affair. Everytime I see them in a store I have to stop and stare for a while.
I have hand-made ornaments tucked away in the attic that I don't display anymore because they've grown too fragile with age. They were made by chubby little boy hands that I can still feel in my own when I look at the crumbling gingerbread houses from days gone by.
There are nurse ornaments, of course. And a Summit Academy Dragons #51 ornament from just last year before we knew that it would be Mac's last on the field. Now it hangs from our tree in tribute to his heart.
There are the little Bible character ornaments that I bought when daboyz were tiny as gifts for their Sunday School teachers and liked them so much, I bought extra for myself.
Oh, that's just the beginning of my un-fabulous sentimental Christmas tree.
Have you spotted those Sara touches yet?

This post dedicated to Margie; who inspires me with her Christmas tree and in many other ways every day.


Deb said...

I think the sock monkeys need a Santa suit.

Jada's Gigi said...

Oh dear, now I have to go dig out all my old ornaments and decor...maybe I should take note and NOT hang every single thing, crumble and all...:)

MSUgal86 said...

your tree has always been one of my favorites. Beautiful!

I am always the last to put the tree up. i was thinking that's because I have no significant other but Margie shot that theory all to heck.

hey where's my Mary Kay eye shadow?

Birmingham Girl said...

I would not call it elegant, but sweet it is. Kind of reminds me of how a 3 rehab tree might be decorated....sock monkeys and a dog angel...who would buy a dog angel tree topper? I'm sure the boys are just happy that your sheaves of wheat tree topper is gone. Traditional your not, sentimental you are and as Martha would's a good thing.

Anonymous said...

wheres the white trash christmas section?! and its not truly christmas until theres red and green tissue paper covering all light bulbs.

Sara said...

margie could teach us all a thing or two! msu-i think brooke is your significant other. all you have to do to get mary kay prizes is pay too much money and place an order. before you know's a cosmetic christmas! just like in bethleham.

Margie said...

Thanks, now I am crying! Good thing I didn't put my make up on! I think it's beautiful, sock monkeys and all!

I love you Sara!

Margie said...

MSUgal- don't worry about what others think, it's the memories you carry in your heart (and on your tree) that remind us how much God loves us.

Becky said...


KayMac said...

love your tree...probably no other Christmas tree in the world has sock monkeys! How happy!

Anonymous said...

I dedicated my blog to you today ... please don't be mad :)