Monday, November 20, 2006


This post comes to you per the request of my youngest, Mac.
I've written enough about the boy that you probably already know all you never wanted to know about him!
Mac played varsity football for his high school his sophmore and junior years and then quit this year after his coach pressured him not to go on a mission trip to Thailand. As you know, Mac went over seas and left the glory days of football behind...
Kind of...
He was never a star on the field, just a good solid dependable center. He did have the biggest, noisiest, eatingest fan-base!
Anyway, Mac is a hard worker and ethics driven young man and didn't think twice about not playing his senior year. Even though he was reminded that this decision would destroy any athletic scholarship potential for him. He followed his heart and left it all to God.
He has continued to receive invitations to apply for scholarships to play at schools who know he isn't even on the team this year. He just kind of looks them over and pitches them, says he isn't interested in playing. Like I said, he never did eat and breathe football in the first place.
Last night while he was at church Albion College called and spoke to his dad. They know he didn't play this year. They also know his academic record and they've watched video of him on the field. They want him to consider Albion and a football scholarship. I just told him about the phone call and he said he's been seriously burdened about letting God use football for his education if that is Christ's will for three days now. So he asked for serious prayer, from me and everybody else.
Albion wants us to bring Mac for the weekend after the first of the year for a tour and interviews to discuss what might be available.
Maybe a scholarship. Maybe not. But he wants to see what's there and let God light a fire in his heart to burn to glorify Him.
So please, pray with Mac as he decides where to go to college.
We'll keep you updated.

Mac & Family


Becky said...

will pray with you! he's a smart cookie-he'll take God's lead.

Deb said...

I'm agreeing with you in prayer --for the Lord to guide Mac in his decision --and to lead him to the place where God wants him to be --for the doors to be shut where they need to be shut and for the right door to open. Praying that Mac will have a CLEAR understanding of God's will as he makes this most important decision!
....and praying for all his financial needs to be met --in whatever way that may come about!

MSUgal86 said...

praying...and oh so very proud of him!

Birmingham Girl said...

I'm praying for a slaming door if the Lord says no and a swinging one if He says yes!!

Margie said...

I almost missed this one...

Lord, I ask You to make Your paths clear. Lord, You know that Mac is Yours, and He will follow You no matter where You take him. Lord, I am asking You to make Your voice loud, and Your presence known. In Your son's precious name. Amen.

Margie said...

James 1:5 (NLT)
...if you want to know what God wants you to do - ask Him and He will gladly tell you.