Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The best laid plans

My Christmas Gift is finally here. Chosen a month ago and spending the holidays in lay-away, finally the unveiling of...my new bedroom furniture! Do you love it? I knew you would. I have wanted a Mission style bedroom set for approximately 354 years. This, in fact, is the first new bedroom set I have had in my entire married life. I can hear your collective gasp.
The plan was simple enough. Here it is-

1. Move guest room furniture into the basement.
2. Move my gramma's bedroom set from the master into the guest room.
3. Move the new Mission style bedroom set into the master.
4. Get on with life.

However, this is what the plan looked like in reality.
This is because I know how to choose my battles. The goal was for all of the stuff to end up in its new home. I'd have started with putting away the Christmas decorations. He didn't feel that would impact the furniture moving. I'd have moved everything around the day before moving in the new furniture. The Mr., however, does not operate this way. He believes in the theory of making as big a mess as possible in as many rooms as possible and then quitting because you're so exhausted before everything is straightened. I'd have stripped the beds and put the linens into the washing machine.
He pulled the mattresses off and stacked stuff on top of them with the sheets still on.
I'd have moved the guest room furniture straight into the basement and out of the way.
He piled it around the house forcing us to create paths much like an English maze through which we had to navigate a large oak Mission bedroom set.

I don't care. I'm getting my bedroom set. I will quietly go about putting things back in order while giving him step by step instructions.
Him, "Are we done for today?" (his favorite question.)
Me, "Just about, just take the chest of drawers downstairs."
Him, "I haven't moved the clothes out of it yet."
Me, "I did, go ahead and move it."
Him, "Oh."
Him, "Are we done for today?"
Me, "Almost. Just take the antique commode table into the family room and put the low boy where the commode table was."
Him," Wait, what? What's a commode table? Isn't a commode a toilet?"
Me, "It's the little antique table that was my Grandma Trent's that's in the living room next to my reading chair."
Him, "Wait, what?"
Me, stomping across the house, "This!"
Him, "Oh. where do you want it?"
Me, "Good grief."

And so on.
When things are looking better, I'll post some more photographs. We will seem no less crazy but our house will look nice.
You get the idea. Don't worry, we'll get there. Today the furniture will go into place and the house will be in order. It will take a few more weeks for the finishing touches.

For now, this is where I'll be sleeping tonight.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

It's beautiful. I love mission style furniture. We have a very nice set in our guest room however our daughter and SIL live with us now so they are using it. I wish it was mine! I am really happy for you. Enjoy!

Pat said...

We need to talk. First of all, the bed looks very nice and the 4 poster bed also looks good in the guest room.
NOW. POST LARGER PICTURES! Geeez, you know I have bad eyes, now I'm just going to have to come over to see it!

Mrs. Mac said...

guys make everything more difficult, eh?;)

Margie said...

I think your nights of not sleeping well, are over! beautiful!

can you pick my paint colors?