Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sara's Favorite Things Day Three!

If Oprah can do it, why not me?

My third favorite thing is.......

I have told you about Scentsy before. I received my first Scentsy plug-in from my mother-in-law who purchased them as Christmas gifts for all the ladies for whom she was buying gifts. I loved it right away, wonderful scent and it lasted and lasted. I went to the web site on the package to order refills and the consultant asked where I had gotten her information, I told her from my MIL from Alabama. Turns out, Joy lives in Farmington Hills, MI. We still haven't figured out how she made it to Alabama.

Scentsy is a company that makes home fragrance items. I am a huge home fragrance person. For those who don't like this kind of thing because of respiratory, allergy or just personal preference issues, you can now move on to the next blog. I, however, like my laundry to smell fragrant, my cleaning supplies to have an obvious scent and I have tried every plug in, pot pouri, diffuser and candle known to man. This includes the Yankee Candle line which requires a second mortgage and the auctioning of a kidney to afford. I am so fragrance sensitive that I was admiring the smell of my pajamas this morning (combination of Tide, Downy and the lotion I wear to bed) and was a little perturbed when the furnace kicked on and I could smell the Pine-Sol the Mr. had used to clean the basement shower. P.S. I absolutely hate the scent of Pine-Sol so don't send me any for Christmas.

Scentsy fragrances come in the form of wax which can be purchased as "bricks" or in smaller amounts as "bars." I buy the bars because I like to get new flavors more frequently. The wax discs are melted in warmers which can be a plug-in which resembles a night light or a table top and each one lasts one to two weeks. Either way, you place the fragrance disc into a little well on the top of the warmer and a low-wattage light bulb melts the disc releasing the scent. You can use one at a time, double them for a stronger fragrance or mix and match scents (I haven't tried this yet.) I now have three of the plug-ins and living in a small house, they pretty much scent the whole house. Our bedroom, C.S. Lewis Room and kitchen. Warmers come in a variety of styles and colors to suit your decor. I have never purchased the table-top style because the plug-ins just work better for me. I use them as night lights in the evenings and overnight and turn them off in the morning. This keeps the house smelling good all the time.

I have purchased Clean Breeze, Gingerbread, Cider, Spiced Grapefruit and Hemingway. Haven't been disappointed yet. My mom is currently using Embers which is a seasonal special. I haven't been to her house to sample it but she and my dad give it two nostrils up.

The plug-in warmers range from $12-$15, the table top are $25-$35 and the fragrance bars are about $5 each. The bricks are larger and slightly more expensive.

Scentsy is usually distributed through home demonstration parties so some of you may have already had the olfactory pleasure. Personally I intensely dislike home demonstration parties but my girl Joy Armstrong distributes via online purchasing. Usually about 5 business days for delivery. I also like supporting a local person in their own business. These make great gifts, for about $20 you can get someone a starter kit with a warmer and fragrance bars. Once you've got 'em hooked, you can always give the fragrance bars as gifts.

There you have it, Sara's Favorite thing number one! Unlike Oprah, I have never given Scentsy to Julia Roberts or the entire cast of Rent or anything but my mom likes it and Mac says our house smells dee-rish-is and Jay says it smells like Cracker Barrel. If you need another testimonial, talk to my mom. Now every body-look under your chair! Yay! Scentsy for everybody! Woooooo!

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