Saturday, December 25, 2010

The coffee pot is ready.

The coffee pot is set up with fresh ground coffee and water for tomorrow morning.
The guests have gone home, the kitchen is clean and the house is back in order.
The second load of dishes are now in the dishwasher which is humming away, Donny is asleep on the couch and the Mr. & Mac are reviewing their gifts.
Christmas is "over."
It's been a good Christmas this year. Purposefully I've taken a strong hand early in the season's preparations because I had a desire in my heart for a certain kind of Christmas. A simple one with food that reminded us of all the years before. Fewer gifts under the tree purchased with greater attention to detail and quality. Plans made well in advance and budgeted for so there was no need for panicked rushes to the grocery store or the mall with that last paycheck the day before Christmas. It's been a satisfying Christmas season and for me, it's been just what my heart desired.
The desires of my heart are changing and by that I mean the desire of what I want my heart to be. I am quieting in my spirit and long to be serene. I am slowing down to think about what things are good and pure and worthy of my thoughts and upon those things I focus my heart. Family well-fed with lovingly prepared food is one of those things. Traditions upheld bring the ones who have passed a little nearer. As I baked and planned and prepared I looked around
and realized, this is all very good. Then I look into my heart whose desire was fulfilled and there I found serenity. I understood that all of this wonderfulness was now mine to plan and give and that I was able to do it. My mom and my sister came along side and together we created a moment in time worthy to be counted among the Christmases that have gone before.
There is a depth of peace that cannot be reached unless Jesus guides you there. It is the way of man and woman, though, to take a little while to close one's eyes and see the beauty. It takes years for most of us.
I hope your Christmas was all that you hoped and that your heart's desires were fulfilled.
I pray that in the coming year, your heart's desires become clearer and that you find yourself suddenly ready to be taken to beauty with eyes closed.
The coffee pot is ready for the morning and the kitchen is neat and dark. My ransomed soul rejoices and my heart is quiet.

Image: Daboyz, Christmas 1992

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peace on earth, good will toward men....