Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Is Here

Merry Christmas Eve morning, one of my personal favorite moments of the season. The holiday is officially here, preparation and anticipation meet in quiet reflection. The Mr., of course, is off to Target. It's a secret mission but while he's out he's picking up a few things for me to finish my baking. It's still dark here in Michigan at 6:30 a.m. Donny is outside doing a perimeter check; probably sniffing for reindeer. Mac is asleep and I'm sipping coffee from my new Santa mug given to me by one of my nurses. There's a fire in the fireplace and only the Christmas tree lights the room. Shortly I'll turn on some Christmas music (classics only!) and get everything in order for this evening's Mexican dinner and tomorrow's traditional Christmas ham with The Family.
My coconut cream pies are made and awaiting meringue. I am starting shortly on my desserts for tomorrow (cake made with Starbuck's coffee, Nantucket cranberry pie...) The house will have a once-over straightening and once Mac is up the bed's will be made.
But for now, I sit with my coffee pondering in my heart the sweetness of this particular moment.
I realized yesterday that the meaning of Christmas is so simple. It is another chance. Peace on earth, good will, giving, loving celebrating and enjoying are lovely but not really the point at all. Christmas is meant to put back together all that we have broken.
Every time a husband or wife looks at the partner who has hurt them and allows them back into their heart, it is the miracle of Christmas. Or when wayward children can sit at the table without explaining or defending their lives, it is the miracle of Christmas. Or co-workers drop their professional defenses to love one another or unkind words are met with grace or families look beyond offenses.
We have another chance now. We could say a new day has dawned but that's not the whole of it. A new measure of time has been born. Every moment brings a new day. History has lost its power to judge. Fear is mocked and eternity keeps starting over and over and over.
Do you want to celebrate? Celebrate that your imperfect body, home, marriage, heart, life has another chance. Don't stand at the manger facing the long road that led you there. Turn around and look...

Image: Christmas Homecoming by Norman Rockwell

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