Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sara's Favorite Things Day 4!

Online at the link above or in the stores, you can buy 3 and get 3 free from a pretty large selection of lotions, shower/bath gels and body sprays. There's definitely a scent for every one at Bath & Body works and lots of ladies have a signature scent. Like me, currently Sea Island Cotton..yummmm.

Let me clarify by saying that these items are priced so reasonably because they are not fine perfume. Although lots of people say the scents last all day, I don't find that to be the case. Layering the shower gel, lotion and body spray will make them more long-lasting. Word to the wise also, this is a store that targets young women. The lotions are not going to help someone with chronic dry Michigan skin. Not that I'd know anything about that.

But it sounds like I'm criticizing these products and that isn't the case. First of all, I give these items to my staff every year, frankly because they are so affordable. They are always great crowd-pleasers and in fact I already have some ladies reminding me that they are expecting their lotion! As stocking stuffers you can't beat them and even as primary gifts they are very nice and the store wraps them so they can be presented without any fuss from you. Did I mention the large variety of scents? Good grief, I have spent large portions of my life circling Bath & Body Works smelling every bottle and have yet to find one I wouldn't like to receive as a gift. Also, because of the deals if you buy in multiples I find I often end up with a few left-over which come in handy for last minute gifts or I keep them for myself. Teachers love 'em, nurses love 'em, basically most of the chicas I know love 'em. You can give the sets or the individual items depending on your budget. The stores have beautiful gift sets but I always go the route of buying in bulk and putting my own sets together.

So that Sunday School teacher you need to give a little something? How about a nice bottle of Sweet Pea body lotion? She'll love it! And you can keep the Cherry Blossom for yourself and give me the Coconut Lime Verbena.

See how nicely that works?

Bath & Body works products for everyone! Woooooooo!


Kell said...

i am a bath and body works addict. the only hand soap i use is their anti-bacterial stuff and i love their wallflower plug in type things and candles. my current scent of choice is mint chocolate. to die for.

Jada's Gigi said...

I usually buy a few bottles of the hand soap myself at Christmas when the deals are so good...I keep them for last minute gifts and our own household use during the year...the bubble baths are nice too...the body spray and lotions aggravate my I stay away from them.

Pat said...

My current favorite scent is the Ocean Citrus in the hand soap. I need more..hint, hint.

Margie said...

you are correct! they are great gifts, and if you happen to get someone one that is not their fave, its an easy exchange, no questions asked!