Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sara's Favorite Things Day 2!

Back in the 1970s my family started having these ornaments made in each of our names. The tradition continues and I now have the our four name ornaments on our tree and one for Donny as well.

Bronner's in Frankenmuth has a huge selection of pre-made name ornaments so if you're enjoying a day in Michigan's Little Bavaria, you might be able to take one home. However, if your name is Sara without a superfluous "h" and it's 1975, you might have to have one made. They can be painted while you wait if the store is not too busy, ordered there for delivery or ordered online.

I love the fact that the style, size and script on these ornaments has never changed. That makes them feel both vintage and allows us to add new ones as time goes on and keep the theme consistent. Bronner's will personalize your ornament any way you like, we have one from Mac's football days with his high school's name and his jersey number. When my grandparents passed, I had ornaments made in their names for my parents' tree. Newly weds, special memories, there is no limit except your imagination. Reasonably priced at $13.99 this makes the name ornaments a tradition that's realistic to keep up too.

If your family celebrates an ethnic heritage, Bronner's also has a huge selection of ornaments with Merry Christmas in different languages. Another sweet way to hold on to tradition.

If you've never been to Bronners and you live in Michigan....go get into your care right now and drive there immediately. You will want to stop at Zhender's for a chicken dinner before going shopping so you are well nourished as Bronner's is slightly larger than Rhode Island. If you don't live in Michigan, do the next best thing and visit with the Bronner Family online. A final bonus is that Frankenmuth is a Christian community and the Bronner Family are devoted to Jesus and it shows throughout their store.

And here come my elves passing out ornaments already painted with each of your names!! Wooooo!


Pat said...

Would you believe that I don't have one with Dad's name? How did that happen. Donny has one but Dad doesn't. I need to fix that!

Stacy said...

so...we both really like Target, huh :)