Monday, December 13, 2010

Sara's Favorite Things Day One!

For those unable to visit Oprah in Chicago, consider me an equally enthusiastic chubby girl who will be sharing her favorite Christmas things with you this week!
Item number one, Hallmark card delivery service! I am telling you, this is fabulous! I love Christmas cards but I'm never successful in finding ones I like and getting them addressed and in the mail in time for Christmas. As I open all of the cards all of you wonderful people send me, I experience an increasing sense of inadequacy and shame. Alas, this is a thing of the past. Go to the link above and click on "My Hallmark." There you will create an account and upload or type in your own address book. From there it's just a matter of choosing your cards and checking out. The good people of Hallmark will address, stamp and mail your lovely Christmas cards. What about cards with pictures of the family you ask? Well this too has always been a dream of mine, unable to be achieved as it requires a photograph of all of us looking reasonably sane. This year however, I cut my losses (by that I mean I cut daboyz) and uploaded a picture of Dean and I on Lake Michigan.
Yes ladies and gentlemen, this year I am sending personalized Christmas cards on time with a picture of the Mr. and I looking reasonably sane!
This could not be any easier. Setting up your account takes 5 minutes. Creating the card is another 10 minutes or so. The price range starts at 99 cents for postcard style and goes up from there with exponential discounts for larger orders. I placed my order this morning including an extra half dozen delivered to my home for extras. That 6 plus about 20 more with personalization and stamps came to about $30.
There you have my favorite thing number one...Hallmark card delivery!
Now look under your seat...everyone gets a box of already personalized cards with a photograph of your family addressed and stamped! Wooooooo!

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