Friday, December 17, 2010

Sara's Favorite Things Day Five!

The Keurig!

Hey, Oprah's not the only big-spender around here! Let's wind down the week with the last and most expensive item on my list of favorite...the Keurig coffee maker. Starting at about a hundred bucks for the mini and going up from there, these are probably not going to be your item of choice for the mail man. But for the coffee lover in your life, this might be just the ticket!
The Keurig is a coffee maker that uses only "pods." The pods are little plastic cups of coffee ground that fit into the machine and make one cup of coffee at a time. This way, every cup is the first cup and tastes fresh. Also, there are an endless number of different pods from regular old bold coffee (my favorite) to hot chocolate, teas, flavored coffees and everything in between. So if your tastes vary or if you entertain folks with tastes different than your own it's a great item.

Since the Keurig makes one cup at a time, it brews right into your cup eliminating the old fashioned coffee pot and saving the user from needing to wash the pot or the filter basket.

This is probably not the coffee maker for the home where there are multiple morning coffee drinkers since the pods are more expensive than a big ol' can o' Folger's and you obviously have to wait for your turn to make your cup. But we have one at work which is fabulous. Everyone has different coffee tastes and so we can call have exactly what we want every morning. No more racing to the coffee room hoping to beat someone (Bonnie!) who tends to make the coffee rather weak and then insists on sprinkling it with cinnamon to keep our blood glucose low (I am not a diabetic Bonnie!)

Another draw-back is that the Keurig can only use its own pods which are not available everywhere, although they are becoming more popular. They range in price from $9 for a small box to about $30. I find Bed, Bath & Beyond (link above) to have the largest selection at the best prices and they are always sending 20% off coupons. If your recipient is the kind who runs out of tooth paste, they might not have the forethought required for successful Keurig ownership.

We got Jay the mini for Christmas last year and he uses it every day. Coffee in the morning, iced coffee during the summer, tea when he's sick, hot chocolate when it's cold, decaf in the evening. We often buy him a box of pods for his birthday or other gift-giving occasions. If you are looking for a gift for an office, someone who lives alone or someone who is the only coffee drinker in their house this might be just what you need.

And everyone who has joined me here in my living room today gets to take home their very own Keurig!! Woooooooooo!

I'm spent.

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