Friday, June 01, 2007

About Mac

1. He was a surprise baby.
2. He was a terrible little boy. Truly terrible.
3. He was so cute it was the only thing that saved him.
4. He loved his Sunday School teachers and they loved him.
5. His favorite food is my mom's chicken paprikash.
6. He will be a mathematics major.
7. He is hilarious.
8. He loves old men who wear baseball caps.
9. He will go anywhere and do anything with you.
10.He wears a black t shirt and jeans every day.

This really should be a top 100! Feel free to add your favorites!

Posted Friday night because Saturday morning it's party preparation time! if you're reading this, you are invited...


Pat said...

1. He's good to his grandparents.
2. He's a good dancer
3. He will eat pilaf till he explodes.
4. He loves his dad and often sneaks up on him and wrestles him to the ground. Poor Dean.
5. He's fiercely loyal to his brother Jorn.
6. He thinks his mom is the best (she is).
7. He's totally 100% sold out to Jesus.
8. He has gigantic feet - even bigger then his grandpa's.
9. He talked about wanting a wife and family from the time he was a little guy. Family is important to him.
10. He's touched by the needs of others.
11. He is so very loved by us.

tina fabulous said...

1. he has great hair.
2. he always looks like hes up to some sort of mischief.
3. he gets obscure pop culture references.
4. i'm pretty sure my mom would trade me for him.
5. he stole #10 from me.

Mrs. Mac said...

I'll be over in the morning ... is this casual or black tie?

Kell said...

1. He loved Ariel from the Little Mermaid.
2. He used to make Jorn smell his finger. (don't ask)
3. He called Doritos...Burrito Chips.
4. Bungs will bite chu. Especially Bagitos.
5. He once told me that he enjoyed eating throw up because you didn't have to chew it.
6. He enjoys dancing with his shirt open and his tie around his head...and I have the video to prove it.
7. I have a 7 year old that acts just like he did. Thankfully I've had practice.

Love you Mac! You made my babysitting years extremely fun. There was never a dull moment with you around.

Deb said...

...wish I could be at your party and meet Mac and every other one of your loved ones and friends!

Have a blessed, fun-filled day of laughter and celebration!

Congratulations Mac!

(hey...Brillo Man is old and he wears a baseball cap ALL the time. You just might like him too!)

Sara said...

you may wear a tie if you like, but only around your head Mrs. Mac. i assure you the boy will be wearing a black t shirt and shorts or jeans. i am deciding between plaid bermuda shorts and a denim jumper myself. so you can clearly see, the possibilities are endless. looking forward to your arrival!

Sara said...

i'm sure mac would love brillo man.

Pat said...

I get to fight the crowds at Sam's club and pick up the cake.
Just how did that happen?
Dean has done all the planning and leg work, Amy is giving her home for the party - family and friends are bringing food, and your trying to decide what to wear.
I hope you aren't to tired, Sara!

Sara said...

nine months of pregnancy; birth by c-section; potty training; parent-teacher conferences; spanking and praying at the same time; homework; finding crocs in a size 14; going to nursing school to get a job to support the kid...priceless.
i do love my posse.
don't forget margie cleaning up dog poop and making cookies. in that order.

MSU gal said...

He would push baby brooke around in her stroller for me on Fridays after school. He was very attentive to her.

He always wanted to order flaming cheese (Saganaki) at Little Daddy's. i was always concerned about ordering that for him.

Pat said...

that concern was well placed.

Mrs. Mac said...

What's this, Margie cleans dog poop and makes cookies??? some order! I'm still in my jammies, may I still come over? Pat ... you got sent to Sam's Club because you don't have small children in tow ... but HH could get distracted there..better leave extra time.

Margie said...

sorry I over slept, good thing you found someone else to pick up dog poop. but i remembered the cookies & the camera!
1. He always hugs me
2. he always makes me smile
3. he's tall so he can fix the projector after I have to push a button and move it
4. He does a great job running sound at fuel
5. he's photogenic
6. he does have great hair (he gets that from me)
7. he loves fuel kids
8. I think he's amazing
9. I love him

Sara said...

well, at least you solved the mystery of his hair! i was wondering where that came from, it all makes sense now! he is blessed to have you in his life. someday when i have a million dollars i'm gonna buy you something really good.