Wednesday, June 20, 2007


If you find yourself in the summertime wondering what was so wonderful about it
Back in days of running barefoot and drinks from garden hoses,
Let me show you a trick; if garden hoses no longer call your name.
Step one, soak your tootsies in a tub of sudsie water.
Step two, lotion your tootsies and if need be...buff those rough edges!
Step three, if you are a girl only! apply a kicky coat of nail polish to your tootsies.
Step four, put fresh cotton sheets on your bed.
Step five, slide into bed and pay special attention to the tootsies on cotton sheets factor.
Chances are you will be more inclined for garden hose drinking tomorrow.


Amber Land said...

Love it!

Margie said...

maybe we should all get together and give each other pedicures! HA!

Deb said...

Have you ever tried those sheets that are made of T-Shirt cotton?
I love those.

Jada's Gigi said...

I don't think I followed that one...?? anyway..I'm always up for a good pedicure! Love those!..but in the days of barefeet and water feet were more like cracked leather and I could walk on pavement at 110 degrees... lol

Terry said...

Naw! I better not even attempt that Sara,
With my luck, after I put that slippery lotion on my tootsies, I would fall head long on the grass and get the water hose stuck up my nose or something!!!

That summer hose brings back nice memories though.
We used to fill glasses with the water and then use dandelion stems for straws to drink it, just like we were rich ladies of leisure!