Saturday, June 02, 2007

Worn Out

A beautiful (hot!) day; no rain...thank you Jesus. We made too much food (anybody know what "regrets" means on an invite?). Ok, that was snotty, but I'm just sayin'. Most importantly we spent a few hours surrounded by people who we love and who love our son. We celebrated a life blessed by and lived for God. We spent some time with people we haven't seen in a while and visited with relatives we only see on these kind of occasions. We were reminded that we have wonderful people in our lives that we need to spend more time with.
We are blessed.
And tired.
And stuffed.

TOP LEFT PHOTO: Left to right: My dad, myself, mymom, mac and across from my dad; Mac's great great Aunt Zeb. more family and friends in the background. I tried to choose a pic with folks you guys would recognize. More pics to come! Margie was our photographer so I'm waiting to see her pics!
BOTTOM RIGHT PHOTO: Me and Amy! My sister who hosted our celebration.
TOP RIGHT PHOTO:metro fam avoiding camera per tina's request.


tina fabulous said...

be sure to post the pic of our whole table avoiding the camera.

by the by, you looked entirely fabulous today in your carefree summer ensemble!

Tonya said...

Sara, We are totally awful friends! I trust you received our email...It was a beautiful day for the party.

MSU gal said...

B girl said that party was great!
I also had a blast.