Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dr. Seuss With Ennui

I wonder often; just what do you see?
I'll tell you tomorrow what I think of me.
Though the truth of it all might lie, lost in between....
What you see, and I think, and we each believe.
I try so hard to decide what to be;
That I'm building up legends and buried beneath.
You think I'm loving but I know I'm mean,
And you think I'm strong and I know I'm weak.
So here in my head I play hide and seek...
Hoping and dreading that you will find me.


Margie said...

you're more transparent than you think. Everyone has the face they put on, but most of us have seen you without your makeup and we love you just the same, maybe even more

Deb said...

This is awesome writing.

as always.

and vulnerable.

and so you. did write this, yes?

Sara said...

thanks guys. yup deb, for good or bad i wrote it! this is self-declared poetry week. get out your berets and prepare to snap all you beatniks!

Terry said...

It sounds like you are writing about ME, Sara!
It irks me sometimes when people think I am much nicer than what I really am!!
Oh if they could only see the inside sometimes!...Love Terry

Tonya said...

Very creative Sara.

Mrs. Mac said...

Are you playing hide-n-seek again, sara? Come out, come out, wherever you are. Ollie-ollie-oxyn-free. Oh, well, I give up, phooey!

Becky said...

i see you!

tina fabulous said...

ah, ennui. even its mere mention provokes a sigh of boredom.

i dont think youre transparent. yet not opaque. but maybe thats because i generally know what youre thinking behind what youre saying!
and you know how i feel about people who are all fake and ridiculous (which you are not) so i'm fairly certain i know you well enough to know that i know. or something.

ps. i love that pic of your eye!