Friday, June 22, 2007

My Grampa

My grampa would sit on the porch in the morning with his coffee.
My grampa would eat more watermelon than any person should.
My grampa would nurture petunias and geraniums.
My grampa would wear shorts and feel the summer sun on his face.
My grampa would watch little kids jumping through sprinklers and smile.
My grampa would hang bird feeders full of seed.
My grampa would watch for the first fresh green beans like they were treasure.
My grampa would cherish the sun and the warm and never forget winter was coming.
And so will I.

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Deb said...

Sara, through several of your posts you have shared just a glimpse of the wonderful relationship you had with your Grandpa. How special it must have been! Thanks for sharing your memories of him with us. Reading them always makes my heart smile!