Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Again With The Fire-Making!

So Mac and I are sitting there and he asks me if I smell something.
Sniff. Sure enough. What is that?
We both get up. Sniff.
It smells like...something is on fire!! Again!!!
We are walking and sniffing and walking and sniffing. Where is it? What is on fire? What's burning now? or as Mac says, "Why does our house keep catching on fire?"
Dean comes home and we ask him, "Do you smell that?" "Yeah."
"We think something is on fire, help us find it!"
"I think it's a candle." says the Mr.
There are no candles lit! What is he talking about?
He goes in the basement. Doesn't appear to be electrical since the circuit breaker hasn't flipped.
That's good news.
I figure it's strongest somewhere near the dishwasher. My beloved dishwasher! That HE installed.
I opened it although it was not done drying. Sniff. Hmm. Can't be sure. Maybe some plastic bowl hasn't survived the heat?
The smell dissipates quickly.
I unload the dishwasher and once the bottom rack is empty, here's yer sign.
Some genius has put a bright green plastic drinking straw into the dishwasher, in the utensil rack no less. It has slipped down to the bottom and melted on to the heating element.
Someone who had a root beer float last night. Who actually loaded a plastic disposable drinking straw into the dishwasher.
Someone named THE MR.
I pulled out the melted straw and here's what I get back in reply:
"The dishwasher has a heating element? Where?" "Right there in the bottom!"
"Who put that straw in there? (Insert pregnant pause) Probably me I think."
God as my witness, I will not call the fire department again!

Psalm 39:3 My heart grew hot within me, and as I meditated, the fire burned; then I spoke with my tongue...


Margie said...

he was against that dishwasher from day one!

MSU gal said...

tell da Mr if he keeps setting the house on fire, sooner or later, he will have to deal with the batallion chief and he don't wanna go there. i'm just sayin!

Terry said...

Dear Sara...I certainly don't know about you!
On the front page of our newspaper today we have big headlines of a string of arson jobs!!
Good thing you are miles away or we would have to drag you and The Mr. in for questioning!!
Take a look for yourself. Just Google "Welland Tribune" in and you will see!
It is NOT a pretty sight!....Love Terry

tina fabulous said...

our poor, clueless godfather. hes very combustible and flammable lately.
i think he may have some sort of heroes-esque ability manifesting!

Mrs. Mac said...

The "old smoking straw" ... tell the Mr. disposable straw = a visit to the trash can ;)

Deb said...

I don't know what's funnier --the antics of the Smith family, or the Bible verses you always come up with to go along with...