Saturday, June 09, 2007

If I Were Twenty...

1. I would have my nose pierced and wear a tiny diamond stud. 2. I would never wear make up. 3. I would wear a pony tail every day. 4. I would wait just a bit longer to have kids and finish school first. 5. I would not live in the city I landed in. 6. I would believe I was loved. 7. I would take photographs constantly. 8. I would have become something else. 9. I would wear shorts when it's hot instead of always thinking I'm too fat. 10. I would marry the Mr.; over and over and over again.


Pat said...

I think I'll just pierce my nose right now. What do you think?

Sara said...

i'll come over and do it for you. as soon as i find my keys. do you have them?

Terry said...

THAT'S the spirit Pat!!!!
Myself, I would be too chicken to get any piercing done, or even too chicken to put a tiny butterfly tattoo on my left ankle!!!

Anyways, enough of this nonsense Sara!
What in the world is wrong with your being 40?
You are still just a kid!!!

Thanks for praying for my dad and I am going to post some more pictures of his history, seeing as you and your mom like them so much!

It WOULD kind of be odd if I was picking Sunday School kids up while sporting a tiny butterfly tattoo on my left ankle, eh?
Yeh !!
White hair and fat to boot and a tiny butterfly tattoo on my left ankle....Forget it!!

Fact is, Bernie and I will be leaving in a little while for the Sunday School picnic...Love Terry

Pat said...

I found your keys.
Let's get our eye brows pierced too, and a tatoo in honor of Miss

Sara said...

i'm getting a tattoo of canada.

Becky said...

why don't you go to cornerstone w/little miss and let her put one on you w/that henna stuff!

Mrs. Mac said...

If Miss Terry had the tattoo placed in another location ;) then she wouldn't have to worry about anybody but Bernie seeing it (hee, hee).

So, what would you have become?? And where would you live? If you hadn't listened to your mom about getting the pixie cut, you'd still be able to have a pony tail.

Sara said...

i would live out in the country and be a school teacher, probably high school english. the pony may be back someday, who knows? as for the pierced nose, probably not gonna happen now.

Deb said...

Miss Jan (those of you who read my blog will know who she is) came back from visiting her daugter in Cleveland --sporting THREE tatoos and a pierced belly button. She's 55. I guess you're never too old Sara.

Terry said...

I do hope you guys know I was kidding about that tattoo thingy!!

About eight years ago, my brother, Teddy moved to Iowa.
Now Teddy was a great guy with the Sunday School kids.
Well the year he left, the Sunday School teachers wanted to spice up the Sunday School picnic, so they deicided the kids would enjoy gettting art drawn on their faces and arms.
Well one of the Sunday School teachers wanted a paint job as well.
When I emailed my brother about it, I told him.."Ted, everytning is going down hill here since you left.
Why Janice M. has gotten herself all tattooed up and she is even encouraging the Sunday School kids to do the very same thing!!"

Mrs. Mac... No way Hosea!!
The left ankle or nothing!!!!...Love Terry

KayMac said...

ok, total confirmation...i just gave my approval for my daughter to get her nose pierced...after all, since you DID invent nose piercing..i think she should be ok.