Saturday, June 16, 2007

Summer Shoes

1. Silver sequined mules.
2. Brown beaded flip flops.
3. Army green flips with silver grommets.
4. Navy blue flops with cherries.
5. Classic circa 1974 black rubber flippity floppities.
6. Lime green flop flips that match my flowery skirt.
7. Hot pink with a big pink daisy on top.
8. Heavy chunky brown leather slides.
9. Denim ones with wooden soles my mom gave me that no non-Dutch person could ever walk in
10.Black plasticky mules with beads that my mom bought from a street vendor in Tijuana.


Mrs. Mac said...

you and your mom need a little "shoe" therapy (lol)

Pat said...

I don't recall those #9 shoes, but if I were you, I'd toss them out. And those #10 - there were not purchased in Tijuana - there were from street vendors in Downtown L.A....who probably bought them from street vendors in Tijuana.
Hey - I hear Shoe Carnival is having a really good summer show sale - wanna go?

Becky said...


Margie said...

brown sandal shoes
payless flip flops with sequins

Terry said...

Finally read this post Sara!
And now I have only a few words to say..I WANT some china shoes[!!]instead of these old lady shoes that I have to wear.

Gone are the days of high heels or wedgies because if I wear those babies, I am forever crashing and biting the dust!,,Ha!!..Love Terry