Sunday, June 10, 2007

Proud Sara Keep On Burnin'

I started thinking about pride a while ago and when I posted a list and a verse corresponding to the topic, I was surprised at the little stir it created. Should we be proud? Isn't it a sin to be proud? We are such concrete thinkers, we Christians.
This primary amusement of this controversy is that if indeed pride is a sin; does this really have any bearing at all on the existence of our own pride? No. Of course not. Do you have any notion of the years I thought successful Christianity meant sin-free existence? Ridiculous! Therefore, even the pride=sin folks have to admit that it's in there. And they are likely very proud of their insight. Ha!
Back to the concrete Christian. We like very much to isolate one verse (that preferably from Psalm) and perhaps print it on a refrigerator magnet. And then we live and die by that one scripture. Often times we kill other people with it too, if we are very very holy. Of course, we are proud to be so very holy and so it's not a sin. Or is it. Maybe then it is a sin to be holy? Anyway, the problem is that the Bible does indeed contradict itself. All those atheists were right all along. There are few verses in there that can't be debated by another verse in the same book. What to do? How about this, let's take the thing as a whole and then recognize that it works because it's supernatural. It's God.
And so pride. Sin? Yes. In us all? Yes. Sin is in us all? YES! Now we're cooking!
Is it always a sin to be proud? Uh. Yes? No? Where's my fridge magnet?
I think this is more than a one-post discussion so I'm gonna let this bad boy sit for a little bit. I wanna know, what do you say?

Proverbs 16:18 Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.


Becky said...

you know my thing about pride! thank you for pride breaking thinking-

Margie said...

A wise Youth Pastor's wife said to me when looking for a husband, find a humble one, because Pride comes before a fall.

Jada's Gigi said...

yes...and no...:) the Bible is FULL of I suppose God Himself is..He heals and he doens't, He provides and He doesn't, He saves..and He doens't...We have to get ourselves into the position to "see" form His viewpoint...then it all makes sense....and we can live with it all so much easier looking with His eyes...