Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Breaking News

Here's Donny as I found him today. Always needing to have something in his mouth, he is pictured asleep with his bunny. Be vewy quiet, he's hunting wabbit.
As for me, had dinner with some friends and ate an entire calzone in the process. Today my stomach flabbage is very generous. My cell phone is clipped to my waist band and the chafing of my belly against my phone clip is causing a decubitous pressure ulcer.
I'm very sweaty today and don't know why. In the armpits I mean. Anybody else ever experience this? Perhaps they are draining water from my ankles?
The Mr. is laying in bed burning up from head to toe with a sore throat. Happily he reports he is not sick but only needs to get up and all will be better. So far, no progress on the getting up thing. His long-term plan is to go to practice with the church band and share the love. Tina, do not inhale this evening.
Jay has to make a ballot box for work. Apparently they are staging their own elections? Can a person buy a ballot box?
Well, that's all I have for now.
Gonna go shower and reapply Arid.


Trish said...

You my Dear are experiencing the joys of Hot Flashes! Perimenopause is so much fun!!!
Pray the Mr. feels better soon.
That Dog cracks me up!

Louise said...

I agree with Trish ... 'cuz I has been there and done that and I knows what's happening to ya. It ain't perty and it ain't pleasant.

When I started perimenopause I was working at our former church ... Bev W was the book-keeper and it was she, not my mother, who told me what was happening. On no ... say it's not true, I said to her and in disbelief I ignored her comments.
It happened anyway.

It ain't perty and it ain't pleasant, but you shall live through it.

Deb said...

yep. perimenopause.

Margie said...

shoe box, wrapped in paper.

tina fabulous said...

i steered clear of the danger zone, yet was not so far away that i couldnt admire his pretty beret.

i wanted to buy him a baguette and make him do a marcel marceau impression. perhaps a little "walking against the wind" or the equally delightful "oh no i'm in a box!".
crowd pleasers, all.