Saturday, February 02, 2008

Deal With It

1. I am not likely to check my e mail/computer after 7:00 p.m.
2. I do not want to chat on my cell phone while driving, I like the quiet.
3. I am not depressed anymore, I'm still not a social butterfly.
4. I drink water out of plastic bottles which I buy.
5. I have no intention of quitting caffeine.
6. I eat in restaurants too much.
7. I read constantly.
8. I like old movies, very few new ones, no chick flicks.
9. I do not pump gas.
10. I think elected officials should live with honor and if questioned, answer with honesty. We all fail, we don't all lie.


Amrita said...

I think you are a very special person. Love Amrita

Trish said...

I'm not giving up caffeine either!
I'm kinda freaked about plastics right now, try to use glass as much as possible, Tom installed a water filter in the kitchen years back he even ran it to the icemaker.
I freak about everything, am even trying to avoid the micro-wave, Kell calls me a freak! I am!!!
Glad to hear you are not depressed,
you my dear weren't made to be a social butterfly and that's perfectly ok, you are the wonder
God made you!!!
I love you!

Louise said...

1.Well, it's almost 7pm and I am on the computer, thus I've checked email.
2. Agreed
3. I am not depressed and not a social flutter-by either. Never was. And that's okay.
4. Ditto
5. I can't do caffeine
6. Not really ... we retired folk must watch our pennies
7. Ditto
8. Ditto
9. If'n I wants to drive, I pump gas most of the time
10. Amen

Mrs. Mac said...

I agree with Amrita, sara! You're a 'special' person ... no doubt about it ;)

Deb said...

All old movies are chick flicks - they're the best ones.

You don't pump gas? How do you manage that one?

MSU gal said...

9. Listen up, Deb, that dear, sweet nephew of mine fills her tank for her. Before that, it was her father! She really never has pumped gas for as long as I've known her--all her life!

10. My experience working with politicians is that this rarely happens.

Terry said...

I am a little bit of a snob. I don't like to drink ANYTHING out of plastic whether it be coffee, tea or pop or water!

And I agree with everybody...You are a dear person, an honest person!
We love you just the way you are!....Love Terry