Saturday, February 16, 2008

Where were you?

1. When Prince Charles and Diana Spencer were married? Laying on the family room floor watching having awakened specifically for this purpose.
2. President Regan was shot? Again, in the family room after school.
3. Princess Diana died? Watching CNN in my living room.
4. John Kennedy Junior's plane disappeared? Making dinner.
5. The planes hit the World Trade Center? At work at McDowell Elementary School.
6. You heard about Hurricane Katrina? Watching the news at home.
7. You heard about Anna Nicole dying? Watching the morning news before work.
8. You fell in love for the first time? Fairlane Mall.
9. You accepted Christ? Can't remember a time before I knew Him.
10. You experienced a miracle that proved God existed? In a church being prayed for.


Mrs. Mac said...

Aaah. Princess Diana. We both got married just months apart ... and had our first born sons just days apart ... we both found princes ... her's turn out to be a toad ... I remember setting my alarm clock to get up in the middle of the night to watch her fairytale wedding. I was in kindergarten when I heard about JFK's death ... and up late watching the news when his son's plane went down.

I watched Hurricane Katrina from start to end ... very saddened

Twin Towers ... just about to get my children up for school ... hubby already at work ... and knowing that one of the planes was supposed to go to LA (he works in Santa Monica). The days with no airplanes in the sky ... eerie and devastating times.

Louise said...

1. At home
2. Ahhh...not sure
3. At home, watching it all on CNN
4. At home
5. At home getting ready to go to a class
6. At home
7. At home
8. At church when I was 16
9. Age 31, in RICU at U of M Hospital
10. Age 31 ... Salvation first, recovery after a coma second

Amrita said...

O was baking oatmeam cookies when Carles and Di were getting married and listening to the proceedings on the Beeb, we didn 't have a TV then.

I got saved in a Billy Graham associate 's camp meeting at age 12.The first one in my family, we had been good church going Christians till then.