Thursday, February 07, 2008

What Happens When... work ten hours and skip lunch?
You rummage through your desk until you find a peanut butter cup. You consider taking off your bra at work and wearing your coat around claiming to be cold. You come home and eat too much lasagna for dinner but you're glad you made it last night for today. You drink a caffeine-free diet Pepsi because it just sounds delicious even though you've been off of artificial sweeteners for two weeks.
You stare at the television for twenty minutes telling yourself, "I'll go iron my clothes in seven minutes." "I'll put my coffee together in thirteen minutes." And then you doze off with Donny for thirty minutes.
You are very glad that you are not working on your feet all day anymore or you'd be fried. You are also very glad you have a nice office that is becoming homier every day because it is like a retreat when you can't go home as early as you'd like.
You are proud of yourself that you made it!
You are going to crawl under that pre-warmed electric blanket very soon with a book and fall asleep very quickly.
You have to try very hard to listen because you're tired but you really do want to hear about Mac's new job as a math tutor.
You haven't blogged in two days because it seems like the evenings area just too short to be with the Mr., Daboyz, and the Blogfam.
You thought you'd hate these kind of days but it turns out it's ok. You're learning and finding out that you can really do this. You like what God is making of you.
Oh, and you post a picture of some dog you found on line because you haven't taken any recent pictures of your own puppy.


Louise said...

Bless you dear, dear friend as you go about this new job. We love you regardless of how often you can post a note ... it's just nice hearing from you when you can. The best to you Thara. Always.

Deb said...

If I get the job for which I applied...I've already been thinking about how miserable I will be wearing a bra all that time....

...praying for you as you continue this adventure!!

Terry said...

Wow that is some pretty[NOT!!] doggy Sara!
I think it is about time that you took some pictures of your own dog. I mean like take a whole bunch and use them for a rainy bloggy day!!!
I have to go and read down your blog to see why you aren't working on your feet anymore and why you have an office!!...Love Terry

Pat said...

And, you'll have comp time coming which will be wonderful! See, all thing work together for good...

Amrita said...

You are making me laugh so much Sara, its like you are right here.
I have an award for you oin my blog. Please pick it up