Friday, February 15, 2008

Updates Of No Particular Importance

Happy Friday! Today I am on call but not at work. Also, my work cell phone has not yet arrived so I am on call but not all that easy to reach since home numbers are not readily available. Kind of a cheating on call situation. The other manager I work with has been out sick all week but hopefully he's on the mend and back to work today. If so, they won't need me. So the good news is that I can finally catch up Mt. Laundry today, the bad news is that is because I'm working this weekend. Happily, I really do enjoy going to work in my new place (for how long is it my new job?)
Hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day. As for us, the last time I saw the Mr. was at 5:30 Thursday morning. No, he didn't finally come to his senses and head for the hills. Thursdays are practice days for our church worship band so he took off for practice before I got home from work and I was sound asleep when he got home. We exchanged our traditional gifts of nothing. It's nice to have traditions, one knows what is expected. We will probably hit a movie and dinner tonight. Mac made chilli dogs for dinner for he and I on Valentines Day which was truly appreciated. After dinner I made gluten-free tuna noodle casserole for Jay (haven't heard yet what he thought of it, he gets home from work late.) Half of it is gone this morning, the other half in the fridge. So I'm thinking it was edible. The Mr. did call me on my drive home from work to chat about his day. I was merging on to the freeway during rush hour at the time so I basically hung up on him mid-story. He still kissed me good night when he crawled in to bed last night so I think I'm forgiven. My point is that our daily actions around here are evidence of love even when it's not a holiday and for that I am grateful.
The Mr. and I are seriously considering moving into my gramma's house and leaving Daboyz behind for a spell. We may have to sneak away in the night. We figure it's a vacation without missing work or spending money! It will give us all a little extra space and also give us a chance to do some work on our house to ready it to be sold as we clean out twenty years of things we thought for certain we needed to keep and now can't remember where they came from. I think the basis of this clutter is not having much ,or any, money back in the day so being afraid to throw anything away knowing we couldn't replace it. This move will also help with our concerns about my gramma's house standing vacant. The neighborhood is lovely but one still worries. Plus, why should it be empty while four adults live like sardines five minutes away? Donny will be moving with us although there is a possibility of a custody agreement for visitation. Move over Britney and K-Fed. I'll try not to shave my head.
I do want to mention that although I'm not very active of late in blog-world, I am lurking during coffee breaks from work (don't tell anybody!) I am working a different schedule and haven't quite worked blogging in to the mix yet. I am visiting you all daily and I promise to get back in the saddle soon. Plus, being entirely focused on learning my job my blogs would be very boring with updates on scheduling and competency testing. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Love to you guys a day late and I'll see you tomorrow even if you don't see me!

1 Sameul 10:25 Samuel explained to the people the regulations of the kingship. He wrote them down on a scroll and deposited it before the LORD. Then Samuel dismissed the people, each to his own home.


Amrita said...

Have a good weekend Sara. Good to hear V-Day went well.Chilli dogs sound so good.Anfd something nice for Jay.

Sure you will miss church with Mr playing in the band.But next week you can be there.

I am going to a Christian concert tomorrow.

KayMac said...

what a great idea about the house situation! ok, besides no shaving of the bad australian accent either! Gosh, i know way too much about BS.

Louise said...

Good to hear from you Thara. And I love the pic's of Donny. He's adog-orable.