Monday, February 11, 2008

High Fidel-ity

Good morning Michigan! It's a balmy 2 degrees 'round these parts. That's if you do not add in the wind chill. You're better off not knowing. Having worked 52 hours and seven days straight I am off today and back to work tomorrow. Slept until 9:00 so it feels like half of the day is gone but that's all right. The Mr. is home with me and we're gonna enjoy it, frozen tundra not withstanding.
Tomorrow after work I'm off to another event in the D. I'm getting ever so urban I tell ya. Trying to decide what to wear that will be good to work in and to go to the Fabulous Fox Theatre in. Whatever it is, it will be over a foundation of thermies.
As for today, I'm in an orange hoody and cowboy boots. Oh, and jeans as the boots only go so high. I have an awesome suede cowboy looking coat my friend Nicki gave me. And to top it off, Jay bought me a new hat as a gift this weekend. He hands it to me and I said, "Huh. Looks like something Castro would wear."
And he says, "Yeah, that's why I bought it."
Meet my son, Freud.
Well, if you see a Cuban dictator in the distance, don't be alarmed. It's just me trying to keep the heat from escaping out the top of my head.


Amrita said...

You are so funny Sara.

Trish said...

In this weather who cares whatcha look like... ya gotta have something on your noggin!

Kell said...

My husband is currently sporting a camo hat that is identical to Fidel's. I took a pic of him in it not more than 15 minutes ago and told him he looked like Fidel. Weird.

Louise said...

Ya gotta take pictures when you dress like this.

KayMac said...

Hey, I am freshly back from the witness protection program and trying to catch up on your blogs...too much to comment on so I will just get back on track going forward, but I cannot wait to see you in your new hat!