Friday, February 01, 2008

Office Space

Well here are the much awaited pictures of my new office. As you can see, it needs a little TLC. As I mentioned, it is a renovated patient room. I think the renovations basically consisted of taking down the curtains. Actually psychiatric rooms do not have curtains so there were actually no renovations.
My desk is nice as is the book shelf. Before you start admiring my green thumb, those plants belong to a midnight shift manager who is generous enough to tend them in my office as his has no window.
As for my bathroom, it is rather under-stated at the moment. So under-stated in fact, that I have no toilet tissue. And I don't know where to get some.
I am making a master list of stuff I want to bring in and stuff I need supplied by the hospital. It would cost rather a ridiculous amount to decorate so I'll do it in increments along the way but I plan on packing up some pictures and getting a daily devotional calendar this weekend for starters. My mom bought me this candle thing with bejeweled wicks (I know, hard to picture) that I will put on my bookshelf. Maybe some baskets. Oh, and a CD player/radio. After that, I am going to take it a step at a time. They are probably more concerned with me actually learning how to do my job than proving my homemaking skills. Which by the way, surpass my professional skills.
I want to add a few ameneties like an electric teapot, microwave and perhaps a mini fridge. Well, the fridge might be over the top. At least a beverage center. Maybe a nice tea cart. I'm afraid to ask the maintenance guys if I'm allowed to do that. My guess is that, again being a psychiatric hospital, it isn't wired for mini-kitchens in the rooms.
Feel free to pass along any thoughts on what to do with the space! If you look closely, you will see the numbers 1 & 2 plagues on the walls, under which beds formerly sat to aid the patients in figuring out which was their's.
Anybody have Martha Stewart's number?


Mrs. Mac said...

Maybe you could have Deb whip up some artwork depicting a "looney-bin" for your walls ... just a thought.

Mrs. Mac said...

The industrial toilet seat adds a nice touch ... but I'd change it out for one with a lid ;)

Margie said...

a picture of me!

Deb said...

Interesting that mrs. mac suggested I whip up some artwork as I was already thinking of all the neat things that could be painted and hung on the walls - noting that they are not cinderblock - therefore - easy to hang pictures. I guess they wouldn't have cinderblock walls in a psych. unit room....and I had already noticed the 'bed 2' sign before I read the
Your space is going to be grand once you add your personal touch!

Terry said...

Ha!!That was the first thing I noticed toilet paper.
I know that in the Welland Hospital, when people are admitted thay have to bring in their own kleenex and their own toilet paper!
Your office is almost as big as our house!
Any way that you can get a claw legged bathtub into the place?
And maybe a nice clock would go good.
Such fun you are going to have decorating this office and I can't wait to see the after pictures!...Love Terry

tina fabulous said...

weren't "plagues" 1 & 2 rivers of blood and frogs?
this puts a whole new spin on the decorating plans.

(i see no one catches the unintentional hilarity when i'm not around!)