Monday, February 04, 2008

I Don't Get It

I do not understand French manicures with black (or dark) tips. Don't tell me guys like them because I know this, but I still don't get it. It's ugly.
I don't understand why people watch reality television. If this is reality, give me a novel.
I don't get wearing heels so high you wobble. Silly.
I do not understand dating someone you know is a jerk and then being devastated when they are jerks. Sneak attack jerks are one thing, known jerks another.
I don't understand not being able to take care of one child but having many children. It's truly not hard to avoid pregnancy. Truly. Been doing it for eighteen years myself.
I don't understand running out of gas. There's a gauge that tells you you are going to run out of gas. I'm not talking about not having money and praying for a few extra miles. I'm talking about people (you know who you are) who run out of gas with money in their wallets. Isn't that inconvenient?
I don't understand being late to an event because you stopped along the way to pick up whatever it is you promised to bring two weeks ago. Two weeks, and you didn't work an extra thirty minutes into the day to be on time?
I don't understand not knowing how to cook. I do understand not wanting to or not liking to. But not knowing how to? Be a grown up for goodness sake.
I don't understand wearing wrinkled clothing.
I don't understand putting children on a bus for Sunday School. If you believe it's a good thing, why ain't you going?
I don't understand politics. Period.
I don't understand video games.
I don't understand people who don't like to read. I'll read a shampoo bottle if that's all that's available.
I don't understand why the Mr. speaks at the top of his lungs when it's just him and me in the car.
I don't understand why the Mr. keeps telling me to use all my vacation days up like they will self-destruct if any roll over into the new year.
I don't understand night sweats. Not sure if I'm peri-menopausal or have tuberculosis.
While we are on the subject, I don't understand how I can have night sweats and cramps at the same time.
I don't understand Britney Spears.
I don't understand Oceans 13. But I totally get George Clooney so it's all good.
I don't understand why you're still reading this.


God's daughter said...

I was still reading because I am intrigued, and entertained by your blog!! Thanks for sharing the personals of your life with us, Sara. You're a blessed woman, most of us know why YOU don't run out of gas ;) Praise God for your "Mr."!!

MSU gal said...

What do you mean you don't understand Ocean's 13? Get a Clooney!

Hilmarose said...

I don't understand why you're still reading this.
LOL... I am still reading this because even tho I very seldom comment I read every post you make.. I LOVE your blog... many times it encourages me greatly!!!

Margie said...

you are so funny! I'm still reading it because you make me laugh, and I'm happy to know I am not the only one who reads shampoo bottles, especially Herbal Essence with the facts on them :)

Deb said...

lol - just read the herbal essences shampoo bottle...don't have the I can't read the answer!

my vote is peri-menopausal.

and you are too funny!

Mrs. Mac said...

Well ... having not had a period for five months I can say the hot flashes/night sweats have nearly diminished ... I'm still reading your blog because it's where I go for deep thinking ... and the funnies ;)

Amrita said...

I am reading this becaiuse I love the tone and texture and content of your blog.You are too good.

i read a shampoo bottle too and i don 't understand B Spears at all.

Terry said...

And all this time I have thought you were such an understanding person Sara!!
I am guilty of so many things on this list but one thing I am not guilty of is watching those crummy reality shows and another thing is I love to cook!! Terry

PS.And another thing way would I read one of your posts half way. They are too good! I read the whole thing through!
Lots better than reading a shampoo bottle I must say!

Mrs Mac!!!!