Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Spoke with Dean's sister today and his brother, Dennis, is hospitalized with cellulitis and possibly a stroke. Please be in prayer for him, he also has cancer of the liver.
A word of praise; Danny, who was severely burned a few months ago, has been transferred to a rehab. He still has a tracheotomy but is learning how to walk! The staff at the facility have nicknamed him Miracle Baby because they have never seen anyone survive the injuries he sustained. He is experiencing tremendous pain when he attempts to stand and they are working on finding out the cause so that he can continue with the work of walking on his own.
Thank you for your ongoing prayer for Danny and I thank you in advance for your intercession on behalf of Dennis.


Margie said...

finally catching up! sheesh! i missed a few days! I will pray for Dennis, continue for Danny!

Jada's Gigi said...

Brothers! I will pray...God bless

Amrita said...

Sorry about this

sanjeet said...

I will pray for Dennis, continue for Danny!

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