Thursday, December 31, 2009

God Above All The World In Motion

Good morning friends, sisters and other wanderers! My Christmas vacation is drawing to a quick close, back to work on Saturday. I feel that this week has been both too busy and yet delightfully lazy with many mornings of sleeping in and remaining in pajamas until midday. Last night the Mr. and I went to see Walking With The Dinosaurs. One morning a few weeks back we were watching the news and they featured some of the dinos from this show and we impulsively bought tickets. Well, by yesterday afternoon at around 4:00, the last thing I wanted to do was walk with dinosaurs. Dean asked Marty if he and Alexa wanted the tickets without success so having already spent the money and having reached that age of not being able to stand to see things go to waste, we dragged ourselves out to Cobo Hall.
If you haven't used the link above, that would be the best way for you to imagine Walking With The Dinosaurs. As I said, I didn't want to go. I was tired, it was cold and I was pretty sure that this was geared toward little kids. After some gentle grumbling we made our way downtown and into our seats just in time for "curtain call." There wasn't actually a curtain as the show took place in Cobo (which is a former athletic arena.) At the end of two hours, I was in awe and oh so glad that Marty didn't take our tickets off our hands. Yes, the audience was mostly little ones but maybe the Mr. and I still have child-like (or childish) hearts. We were in awe of these life-size animals that soared to the ceiling of Cobo touching the Jumbotron. We felt the vibrations from the mammoth foot steps and roars and had to be mindful to keep our jaws from dropping.
Were the special effects and technology of dinosaurs right in front of us amazing? Yes, to say the very least. Moreso this was a religious experience for me.
We watched the continents break apart, the earth break forth from barren landscapes to fern-lush meadows to flowering fields with these behemoth animals arising and (don't make fun of me), I sat amongst the little kids in their dino hats and cried. Would it be ridiculous for me to describe a Cobo Arena Dinosaur show as glorious? Then ridiculous it is.
I have this experience all the time. Up north watching hummingbirds buzz around the porch swing. From my family room going to bed to barren trees and waking up under towering leafy branches. From my office window as snow falls silently to erase the blighted urban landscape for a few hours.
I wondered if I should try to think up some poignant New Year's Eve post about the past and the future. Should I mention the loved ones and the strangers who will not greet 2010, having already spent their allotted moments embraced by mortality? Shouldn't I make promises or resolutions about what I want my life to be this year? Express gratitude for the wonderfulness that has been 2009?
I have only one thought as the final hours of 2009 float into memory. God is amazing, glorious, powerful, creator, redeemer...He is all there is and all that we see is the vapor of his breath left behind as He exhales life into the universe.
My wish for you and me and all of the world is that we will see God. He is not invisible.
Grace to you.

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