Saturday, December 05, 2009

1. Worked yesterday; off today. Still not quite up to par.
2. This house is a hot mess; someone needs to clean it. Hello, my name is someone.
3. Mac is off hunting with my dad. He was baffled by the plan to hunt from a condo. "What are we gonna do, open up a window and point our guns at the woods?"
4. Bought a Holiday Berry scented refill for my Yankee Candle plug-in. Smells Christmasy!
5. Time on the couch gave me some time for quiet prayer; a good thing no matter the circumstance.
6. The Mr. headed for Kohl's at 6 Christmas shop. Better him than me!
7. Why does Donny have to lay his heavy hound head on my left arm while I'm typing?
8. Thinking of making a pot of peasant soup and some grilled cheese for dinner.
9. Also thinking of laying around on the couch some more.
10. The big plan for the day is to flip my mattress. Updates to follow.


Pat said...

Love the picture!
Mac will be surprised when he see's the tree condo, it's too nice to just be called a tree stand!
I need one of thse Holiday Berry scented refils..Oh wait, I don't have a yankee candle plug in. I need one of those too.

Trish said...

Since the Condo is in the middle of the woods, that is exactly what they up a window and shoot at the woods! It also has some heat!
Peasant Soup sounds yummy...enjoy your day. Don't forget your couch time.

Pat said...

Heard from Mac today...he said the tree condo is huge!!! He was amazed. He also forgot his gloves, but his grandpa bought him a new pair.